Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm Loving...that is 2012!  I had some great times in 2011 but also some really bad things.  I know Jodi and my cousins Brooke and Josh are the main ones exciting 2011 is over.  So here's to good health, no cancer and no babies with heart surgery!  What a year we had huh?
I'm Loving...that I have three cake orders!  Two are very easy, just chocolate chip pound cakes but still!  I have to make those two tonight and then next week I get to use my new pans:
But it is for a small group so I will just use the smaller two pans.  I cant wait to get to decorating :)  Plus making money for your hobby is pretty awesome...I just need more orders now!

I'm Loving... Jodi and our friend Jason (Struber) is coming over for dinner and a very important game tonight.  Clemson vs West Virginia in a BCS bowl..yes you read that right, my Tigers in a BCS bowl! Wow :) I am making a few tailgate food items and we will be cheering on the Tigers in the Orange Bowl at 8:30.  (Wes will be pulling for West Virginia because he is a punk like that..)
Here is how Clemson got to the Orange Bowl (If anyone cares)
I'm Loving...that I am working Saturday.  I know that sounds weird but I get to work with about 60 cute and excited little girls.  Girl Scout cookie sales start next Friday and this Saturday we are having a cookie rally for all new troops in Greenwood.  At the rally the girls learn how to ask someone to buy cookies, how to set up a cookie booth, set goals and have fun.  It is really a great event and is always fun!
How could you say no to these girls??  What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?? Cant wait for the peanut butter patties!

I'm Loving... My hubby.  I haven't said that in a while but he is so good to me and kinda spoils me!  He can be a pain sometimes but who isn't right? 


  1. Great loves!!! Have fun baking!

  2. I can't wait for some peanut butter patties!

  3. Although I 2011 wasn't a bad year for me either, I'm so glad that 2012 is here! Here's to a better and healthier year!