Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weeks 1 and 2

Miss Paige,
What a difference a few weeks make?! We are all so excited you are FINALLY here..we have waited a long time for your arrival. If you ask your Daddy he said it flew by though :) You had several visitors in the hospital your first few days and were such a good and happy baby. Your Daddy and I were left alone with you for your first night and we were a little nervous. At one point he looked at me and said, "our parents must trust us or something for leaving us alone with her on her first night!". Luckily you had a great first night! We were on a good feeding schedule and Daddy changed all your diapers and handed you to me every time you needed to be fed. We also had great nurses the entire time...I was impressed! Now night number two was a different story. I wasn't making enough food for you yet and you were starving!!! You screamed for a few hours and the nurses finally brought some formula for you to eat and you were a happy camper. BB (my mom) stayed with me that night to give Wes a little break and we were so happy once you finally went to sleep...what a rough night that was!
We were released from the hospital on Saturday around lunch time (which I thought was really fast since I just had the c-section on Thursday). The three of us packed up and headed home...what a great feeling!
All dressed up and ready to go home!
You are home!!

Your first day home was pretty got to watch your first Clemson football game and they won! We were both pretty tired and slept through some of the game. We had to change your clothes so you can cheer on your Tigers are just too cute!
Over the next few days we had either MiMi or BB stay with us and took over the night feedings for me while I pumped. It was a great system that allowed all of us to get some extra sleep. You really sleep well at night and sometimes we have to wake you up so you can eat. We don't know what we would do if we didn't have a Nap Nanny though because you are not a huge fan of your bassinet. You also had your first bath didn't like it when we were bathing your bottom half but once that water hit your were a happy baby!
You had your first doctors appointment and you were down to 7 pounds and 8 ounces but looked great. So we had to schedule another appointment and the end of the week to make sure you were gaining weight. We went back on Thursday and you were up to 7 pounds 10 ounces! You are still sleeping most of the time and sleeping well at night too...some nights were better than others but we really cant complain at all!
We love Dr. Hughes!

You also had your newborn pictures this week and we cant wait to get the CD. The one time we wanted you to be asleep, you were wide awake checking everything out. We finally got you to sleep and you were a great little model!
The weekend finally came which meant it was more Daddy time and you finally got to meet your Aunt Emily, Uncle Levi and your cousins Wyatt and Matthew. Matthew really didn't know what to think about you but Wyatt was so excited and couldn't wait to hold you. You are lucky to have such fun cousins!!
Over the next few days, we really just stayed home and fed, pumped, slept, washed clothes and kept repeating the process. BB stayed with us this week and it has really really been helpful. We are enjoying these last few days having BB with us. Thursday night will be the first night of just the three of us. Should be fun!
You make the best face expressions and I wish I could take a picture of everyone so we can remember are one funny little girl!
You went back to the doctor today for another weight check, you didn't lose or gain any at all. You are still 7 pounds 10 ounces but everything looks wonderful! You have some matting in one eye and we now have to give you eye drops a few times a day, but apparently that is normal with newborns. Dr. Hughes also told us of a Vitamin D that you need to take daily and you can also increase you milk intake to 3 ounces. Mommy has to get to work if I am going to produce that much milk for you. Right now I get 2 ounces every few hours and we have to supplement that last hopefully I can get you more of the breast milk for you soon. We also get to start tummy time...that is our plan once you wake up from you nap!
I cant believe that tomorrow is your two week birthday. Your Daddy and I are so lucky to have you and I personally want time to SLOW down so I can stay home with you forever :)  We all love you Miss Paige!


  1. Aww I totally missed when you had her!!! CONGRATS!!! :-D She is BEAUTIFUL and I have no doubt you're already an amazing mom :)

  2. WOW! Look at all that personality in such a teeny tiny pretty girl. You are going to have your hands full, my dear! Congrats! xoxo