Friday, November 1, 2013


 Trick-or-Treat...smell my feet...give me something good to eat...

How many of you sang this last night?? My hubby did..A LOT!  We had a great time last night for Paige's first time trick-or-treating.  We just went to grandparent's houses last night since Paige doesn't really eat candy anyway, we could get away with just doing that this year.

I was so excited about her costume that when I bought it, I didn't even think about how she hates to have stuff on her head...opps...

That is nothing a paci and photo shoot outside wouldn't cure...

But she still wasn't so sure about the head piece...

What a cute piggy

Pictures with Daddy

and Mama..

Enough pictures Mama and is time to go!
We went to Mimi's, Mema's, Gerri and Gene's and then BB and Boompa's.  She got lots of treats, like yogurt bites, cookies, and puffs!

Wow so sorry for picture overload but it is hard to just pick a few!  What a fun day it was and I am so in love with my little piggy!

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