Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year and I am so thankful that I am able to be a Mama..or Mommy as Paige has been saying this week!  Being a Mommy is what I have always wanted to do and it has surpassed all of my dreams.  Yes, it has it hard days but well worth it for all the other days!  I also have a wonderful Mom of my own to be thankful for on Mother's day...well, everyday!  We actually celebrated Mother's Day a week early with my mom and Mema because Mom and Dad were out of town on the actual day. 

Saturday, Paige and I were at my Mema's visiting some family and when we came home I noticed something different on my front porch...
pretty hanging baskets! Wes knew I have been wanting some for awhile now, so he picked this out for Mother's Day! I was excited!

Sunday, Wes made breakfast (he always does on Sundays) and after breakfast we headed next door to Mimi's to give her her gift.  We gave all both grandmas and Gerri the same gift....

Aren't those neat?  I loved how they turned out.  Each pot is made specifically for BB, Mimi and Gerri with some of their favorite pictures.  I just printed them in black and white, cut to the size I wanted to used a whole lot of Modge Podge...and a little super glue!  I thought they turned out great...what grandma doesn't love pictures of their grandbaby?

So after we gave Mimi her gift, we loaded up the boat and headed to the lake for the day.  WE played and played, road the boat, cooked hot dogs for lunch and played some more


 We had a great and hot day at the lake!  I am so thankful everyday for my Mom, Mema, Tommie and all the other Mamas!  I am very very thankful for Wes and Paige for making me a Mommy!

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