Thursday, June 2, 2011

This week's projects

By now, all of you know that I am starting to decorate a lot of cakes lately.  One day I would love to make myself a little extra money but right now, all the money I make goes to support my sister Jodi.  By the way the doctors told her she was officially in REMISSION!! How awesome is that!?!?!  Last week she was 1% away and said she was close enough..but now she is there!  She started chemo again last night and will have it again tonight and tomorrow night. Then she will be finished for about a month! is what I was working on this week (I also baked some chocolate chip poundcakes but they aren't decorated so no pictures of them.

The first project was to make a "51". A friend of mine has a nephew graduating from High School today and he plays football and his number is 51.  So he wanted to get him a cake with his number and High School colors, which are maroon and vegas gold.  Man...I had a TIME making maroon.  I wasted so much icing trying to get the right color.  I tired like 5 or 6 different ways and it just wasn't working for me. So Sam said he would actually prefer to leave the maroon out and just use white and vegas gold because the maroon was WAY to close to garnet and he didn't want a USC cake :)
Here is my 51 cake:
Going in the oven

cooling (before I flipped it over)

The draping is actually much harder than it looks!
This cake too forever!  It was very difficult to get the icing smooth around all the curves.  I have never decorated a cake for a male much less a 18 year graduation from High School.  They seemed very pleased :)

My second cake I did was for my co-workers 7 year old grandson.  Another BOY!  She said she wanted the number 7 cake but she didn't care how I decorated first thought was sports.  I could do a sport themed cake but I wasn't sold on that.  Then last night I just sat down and decided to decorate like this:

I thought it was pretty cute...I hope he likes it!! My co-worker loved it :)

I don't have any cakes lined up for next week but will have a cute little girls birthday cake to make mid June! I am excited.

Hope everyone has a great begins right now! I am going home to pack and get ready for my trip to Texas! Cant wait to see Jodi! :)

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