Thursday, June 9, 2011

The waiting continues...

I was tested to see if I was a bone marrow match for Jodi on May 3 and they said it would be 2-3 weeks before they would know if we matched.  Well her doctor was out of the office right around the time the results should have been and then things came up...I mean he is a super scientist doctor (as Jodi and Dad call him) so I know he is busy! (He is a very important doctor specializing in Hematology in the number one hospital in the country for that)  So I let it slide that we didn't know the results yet :)
I am a worrier so I kept wondering if we were a match or not.  If I wasn't a match, I know that I would have felt so bad even though I had no control over that!  My parents kept reminding me that it was only a 25% chance that we would match.  Then I kept telling them that EVERYONE that I have heard about had their sibling match them.
I had my mind set that I was a match but tried to tell my self that I wasn't so I wouldn't get my hopes up.  When Jodi went to her doctor appointment with Dr. Andreeff this past Tuesday, I just knew that we would finally have the results....well he didn't check.  Then she was scheduled to have a phone call with the Stem Cell people (sorry don't know the technical term) on Tuesday and we just assumed we would find out the results then...nope!
We just all figured we would find out next week when she had another appointment with Dr. Andreeff, so I quit worrying about it for now.  I was at work yesterday (actually writing my WILW post) when Jodi called to say that I WAS A MATCH!!!  Her insurance company called her about some things and said something about getting everything covered by insurance and she said, "You do know your sister was a match right?"  So that's how we found out...thank you insurance lady! haha

Since I am a match, Jodi's plans all change again.  She was supposed to be getting about 4 or 5 more months of chemo and treatments and then see if the chemo worked properly and then decide about transplant.  But since I am a match, they can skip all of that and go straight to the transplant!  It should be a simple transplant for both Jodi and I...the only thing is difficult is the part after the transplant.  Jodi will have ZERO immune system and will be in complete isolation for a while.  But the good news is that 100 days after the transplant...she will get to come home!

Now back to the waiting...Jodi told me that someone will call me today or tomorrow to fill me in on everything.  They want to do this pretty I am assuming I will be headed back to Texas in the next week or so??  I will be there for 7-10 days for the transplant.  Just keep us in your prayers and pray that everything works out just like it is supposed to.  As Jodi said...every since she was diagnosed with AML she has had the best luck.  Everything is going as planned!  What a great and positive outlook she has!!

If you would like to read her story, please check out her Caringbridge site.

Now I can finally say this...


  1. That is really SO exciting that you are a match! What a great thing to be able to do for your sister :) I'll be praying that things happen as quickly as you'd like them to!

  2. What a blessing to your sister! I'm so glad for you and your family!

  3. I read this on Jodi's Caring Bridge last night and couldn't quit saying how awesome this is. It's such a great thing that Jodi will be cured because of you!

  4. The best sister I could ask for :)