Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome Home!

I was going to wait to post this until I actually had pictures to show but I couldn't wait.  I am so excited because my mom and sister will be home TOMORROW.  Jodi had great results from her bone marrow biopsy yesterday and her doctor told her that she didn't have to wait until Thursday.  So they packed up everything and started the long 16 hour drive back to SC!

For those who don't know, my sister (Jodi) was diagnosed with acute leukemia on April 20 and was told she had to be in Houston at MD Anderson by lunch the following day.  Can you imagine your whole life changing in one second and moving half way across the country not know how long you will be there? Her and my parents left for Texas the next morning.  

Jodi went through a few rounds of chemo...yuck! and had a stem cell transplant on August 8 (yay for us being a perfect match!) and she finally got the news yesterday that she could come home cancer free!  She will still have to go back to Houston once a month for a while so they can make sure everything is ok.   She will also be living with my parents for a while before moving back to her apartment in Clemson.  I think her goal is to move back in January and hopefully go back to work then :)

Her apartment is getting a little remodeling too, getting rid of all the carpet and a new paint job...which is pretty exciting!  Anyways...we are so excited that her and mom will be home tomorrow.  I know she will have LOTS of visitors over the next few weeks.  She still has limitations because she has zero immune system so everyone has to get a flu shot.

Anyways, of course I am baking a cake and decorating it today for her welcome home.  I will post some pictures on Thursday of everything.  I cant wait!!

Thanks for all the prayers, emails and comments since April about Jodi...it was so nice!!


  1. YAYY!!!!!! SOOO exciting for her to finally be coming home!!!!! :-D Can't wait to see the pictures!!! :-D

  2. This brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for her, you, your whole family! What an exciting time!!! :)