Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge (Day 1 and 2)

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
I am back for another post today. I saw several people do this and had to get caught up! :)

Day 1: Best Gift You've Received 
I really can not think of the best gift I have ever received.  I have been very blessed and gotten pretty much what ever I asked for.  I don't think this technically counts as a Christmas present but I received this on December 19, 2008:
 My ring :)

Day 2: Christmas Traditions

Wes and I have a few traditions for just the two of us and we have several that we do with our families...

Wes and I:
  • We take our 4-wheelers out to the farm and go on a search for the perfect cedar tree to cut down (we have done this 2 of the 3 years we have been married...last year we bought one).  This is usually done the Sunday after Thanksgiving
  • I decorate the house (everything besides the tree) the Friday after Thanksgiving and then I decorate the tree Sunday afternoon
  • We always watch Christmas Vacation the night we decorate the tree.  At some point in December we will watch Elf and a few other movies too.
  • We wake up super early on Christmas Day and exchange our presents and stockings.  It is really nice to do this just us without everyone else.  I love it.

 My Family:
  • We have Christmas Eve supper at my parents house.  It is just me, Wes, parents, Jodi and Mema.  We have oyster stew with brownie pie and ice cream for dessert.  Not sure how that tradition started..but it isn't Christmas until I have that! (I just eat the stew part and she puts sausage in it...I do not eat the oysters!)
  • After supper, Jodi and I go to the living room and arrange the presents by where people sit and then it is time to open them.  Growing up Dad hated when everyone opens presents at one time because it is chaotic and always miss something.  So we start the youngest to the oldest opening one gift at a time.  I am always the youngest (until someone has babies) so it is nice!  It also last more than 5 minutes.
  • We switch out with his family and my family for Christmas Day dinner.  We either go to Mema's for lunch or his mom's

  Wes’s Family:
  • His family Christmas really varies every year.  It really depends on what everyone's schedule is like.  But the past three years we wake up really early and head over to his parents house to open presents.  It is great because we are there when Wyatt see's his gifts from Santa!
  • After presents, we will have yummy breakfast...usually monkey bread!
  •  Like I said earlier, we rotate Christmas Day lunch.  We either have lunch or supper at his parents, depending on when we all can be together.
  • His family usually has another Christmas get together with the Harling's (his mom's side of the family) but that is a different date each year.
  • We always spend the majority of Christmas Day at his parents. So fun seeing Wyatt on Christmas :)
Now I am all caught up with the Holiday Blog Challenge :)  I wasn't very good at taking pictures last year so I don't really have any to share..I will have to fix that this year!

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  1. Oh my goodness! My grandfather made us do the same thing, one present at a time! It was a serious rule :-)