Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love a good deal!

The other day I was looking around on Facebook (of course) and saw that my favorite Children's Boutique in Greenwood was having a big sale to get rid of their Spring and Winter Collection.  Nicole (the owner) designs her clothes and they are oh so cute!  What is even better is that they are actually reasonably priced for smocked clothes.  Usually they are around $60-$80 and I just don't see paying that much for something a baby will wear a couple times before they grow out of it.  Her prices are always less than $40, but right now she is having a deal where the first outfit is $20 if you buy 2 its $35 and if you buy 3 its $50.  So Heather and I started looking at her website to see which ones we wanted!  If you want to check out her website, it is Sweet Teas or you can find it on facebook.
Here is what I found (borrowed these pictures from her website):

Wouldn't this be too cute with tights around Christmas Time??

Love this dress
I know my sister will probably not like this outfit but I couldn't resist!!
 Heather also got the yellow cross dress and then these two:

Princess and Castle

Noah's Ark
 It was so much fun shopping for little girls yesterday and I just had to share our great deals with you :)


  1. I'm ok with that outfit...for a little little one. It's when they get older and wear those ruffly ants that I'm not a fan of ;)

  2. Shopping for baby clothes is so fun!