Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Little Moments Like This
 Hard to believe it is already Monday again!  Wes and I didn't really do much on Friday night, we picked up dinner and watched a movie.  I think I was in bed before 10pm (story of my life these days!)  Then woke up Saturday and was lazy for a little while.  Heather was talking about coming to Greenwood that day and have lunch and shop a little but she told me she was having bad pains on Friday and then I didn't hear from her until like 10 am and of course the worrier I am, I was really getting concerned about her.  I finally heard from her and she had a rough night, which you can read about on her blog.  So needless to say she didn't come that day, which was best for the mom-to-be!  So I sent Wes and text and told him I needed something to do (of course I had a lot to do at the house but I wanted to procrastinate)  So he told me to bring Gracie and meet him out at the farm with our other dog Callie.  We packed up and went to the farm where he was working playing with his tractor.  It was so nice to let Gracie run free for a while...she was in heaven!  Later that afternoon, we drove over to the creek and man did those dogs love that! 
I took both dogs home while Wes went to the grocery store to get something to grill for dinner.  He grilled New York Strip, baked potatoes, onions and corn on the cob!  It was so yummy...even better because I didn't have to cook at all!
Wes was on a roll because as I was showering and getting ready on Sunday morning, he was cooking breakfast!  I asked him what the occasion was he said nothing.  So I asked if it was for our anniversary (this Wednesday) or Mother's Day?  So he said it was for both...but it was a Mother's Day in training since I am still pregnant! Haha
We hung out until about lunchtime and he loaded up his 4-wheeler and went to play while I waited for Jodi to get here.  She was coming in town to have Mothers Day dinner and came to play first.  She has started a new hobby which I love!  Look how cute:

 These are just a few of the ones she has made so far!  Pretty good for just starting out.  If you would like to see more or how much they are check out her store's Facebook page, The Beaded Tiger
After we finished playing with the bows, we all went to Red Lobster for supper with Mom, Dad and Mema for Mother's Day.  It was so very yummy! I think I would be content with just eating these:
After supper, Wes's mom came over and we gave her her gift and she brought a car load of baby stuff my sister in law sent us.  She has two boys but had a lot of gender neutral stuff that we can use!  We are very lucky to have some great things given to us already! 

Overall it was a great weekend! Hope you all had a great one too...make sure to stop by Tami's blog for the Weekend Rewind blog posts!

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