Tuesday, July 10, 2012

30 Weeks!

Maternity Clothes?Basically just the pants.  I usually wear a tank top with cardigan to work, every once in a while I will wear a maternity shirt.  Thanks to my sister in law for lending me all her maternity clothes I have only bought one dress!

Size of the Baby? According to babycenter, Paige is about the size of the head of a cabbage.  Weighs about 3 pounds and is about 15.7 inches in length.  I still think it is funny they always have a fruit or vegetable to compare the baby too :)

Stretch Marks? yes :(  even though I use the belly lotion...apparently getting stretch marks is genetic!

Gender? Baby Girl...Miss Paige Elizabeth :)
Movement? Oh my goodness I have an active little one.  She lets me know she is in there basically every hour of the day (but she does let me sleep).  It is a great reassurance but sometimes those kicks/punches are strong!

Sleep? I cant really complain.  I wake up 2 or three times a night to use the restroom but I go right back to sleep.  I am going to enjoy my sleep while I can!

Food Cravings? Not really, people keep asking me that question but I just don't have any
What I Miss?Diet Mountain Dew and as much sweet tea as I wanted!  I wouldn't mind some sushi too!
Symptoms? I used to never dream but now I have a dream just about every night!  I have some crazy dreams too! Some heartburn but usually one tums knocks it out.  I have had swollen feet twice.  Can you see all her hair in the picture below..maybe that saying is true: hair = heartburn! 

Best Moment Last Week? As you can tell, we had the 4D ultrasounds this past Saturday.  In my opinion it is the BEST thing money can buy while pregnant.  Seeing your baby's features and facial expressions are wonderful!  Second best thing: Wes finished painting the nursery and almost finished painting her letters to put over her crib.

Looking Forward to? Hopefully tonight.  My plan is to put the crib together finally..we have had it in the box at our house for a month!  Then Sunday is my first baby shower and next Wednesday I have another ultrasound to measure her.
Little Miss Paige giving me a thumbs up telling me to stop worrying about everything that she is developing perfectly :)  (OK, we really think she was getting ready to put that thumb in her mouth haha)

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  1. I love her little thumbs up. She's going to be such a beautiful girl!