Friday, July 13, 2012

Stressful week...

I am ready for a week when my family and I can have a stress-free/worry free week...wouldn't that be nice?

My mom had surgery about 2 weeks ago on her Achilles tendon and everything seemed to be going great with her recovery.  She went to her check up on Wednesday and found out she had a blood clot.  Thankfully they let her have the choice to go home or stay in the hospital.  She was able to go home, take some medicines, Dad has to give her daily shots and she has a home nurse come and check on her.  So she is now basically on bed rest with her leg elevated (hopefully she can sneak out and come to my baby shower Sunday if her nurse says its ok) Lets hope her medicines and shots are working when the nurse comes to check on her today :) 

Then all week Jodi has heard from her MD Anderson friends that they have had bad reports from the doctor.  Thankfully Jodi is doing great..yay!  But one of her friends found out their cancer is back after her transplant, another friend has Host vs. Graft disease in his liver and she found out yesterday that her friends aunt chemo didn't work.  I know this is very hard and scary for her (and all of us too) so please let Jodi hear some good news from her MD Anderson people soon! 

I swear yesterday should have been Friday the 13th...or at least it was for my husband.  He sent me a text yesterday morning that said, "well, I'm hanging out at Self today"  (Self is our hospital)  He knows better to be that vague with me!  One of his employees was climbing down from a ladder with a nail gun and somehow leaned against the nail gun and it shot himself in the chest!  Wes said that he was alert when it happened, they made him sit down and wait for the ambulance.  The man was having a hard time breathing too.  Did I mention it was this guy's second day on the job??  They got to the ER and found out that nail was in this man's left ventricle of his heart and needed open heart surgery!!  They told Wes it would be like 5 hours and for him to leave and they will call him.  So about 4 hours later they called and said that he was out of surgery and doing fine.  Apparently if the nail was just a hair to the left or to the right, it would have killed him.  So even though he wasn't very lucky with shooting himself...he ended up being very lucky to survive.

See why it has been stressful week??  Here's to a better Friday and weekend for us all!!


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  2. Thanks for the happy thoughts! Yesterday was rough...

  3. Oh, girl...I hope this week goes better than last.