Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I cant believe it is already Wednesday....getting close to another weekend!   
I'm cake decorating class was last night!  We didn't decorate a cake but we started working on flowers.  Making flowers are so much harder than it looks.  I don't have any pictures of mine but these are the ones we learned last night....



Lily those look so pretty!  These are experience bakers I believe!  Mine will look like this one day! :)

I'm loving...that I get to put my skills to work tonight.  (Sorry for another cake comment).  Tomorrow is my local area Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Banquet.  Each April, we have a dinner to honor our leaders.  So this year, of course I want to decorate a cake.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  If you are tired of cake post...sorry! :)

I'm Loving....that I am going to Clemson on Saturday to my sister's store for her customer appreciation day!  (I bet she will have a cake/cupcake to show off her skills too! :))  If you are ever in Clemson...stop by her store, The Beaded Tiger to make you some jewelery, or stop by her facebook page :)  

I'm Loving...that I get to work with my little Girl Scouts today and we are playing with bubbles!  They are going to learn how to make bubbles and then make bubble paint.  

I'm hubby and puppies as always :)



  1. Have a good time with your sister!

  2. I love the cake comments! Keep them coming!

    Visiting from over at Jamie's Link up!

  3. What fun with cake decorating and making flowers, im sure yours will be PRETTY! I cannot wait to see the cake your making for the girl scout banquet too! I will definately check out the beaded tiger too! Have fun with your sis :) and with your girl scouts making bubbles! :)