Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time to catch up!

It has been another break for my from blogging.  I just cant get back to the routine of writing everyday...sorry Heather!    Here is what I have been up to this past week.

Last Thursday, my mother-in-law left Greenwood and headed to Surfside (Myrtle Beach).  It was so very cold Thursday and most of Friday, but the weather was beautiful Saturday and Sunday.  We finally got to enjoy the sun at the beach! 

We stayed at my sister in law's condo with her and Wyatt.  It was a great escape from Greenwood for a few days.  So nice not have a schedule and just do what you want
My Handsome Nephew
Emily and I went to the outlets one day during nap time and bought baby clothes!  Since she is expecting, she had to get some clothes for new baby Crawford and of course some for Wyatt too.  This is my first gift for New Baby Boy Crawford..
Well Sunday came and we all had to head home...

Then on Tuesday, I had my third cake decorating class....I am getting addicted!! It is so much fun.  This week we got to decorate doll cakes.  I bought the pan and I think I was even more excited that I can make a football cake with this pan too! (just cut the cake in the middle and lay them beside each other...cant wait to try it out). 

Tried to make Belle and her yellow gown!
Hair down and ready to go :)
My sisters cake :)

My mom's Clemson Girl :)
Can't wait for our class next week...we are learning to make flowers!! :)

Now that brings us to today...I had a stressful morning at work so far, but the hard part is over.  Since I work for the Girl Scouts, we apply for United Way money for our outreach program.  We had to turn in our application about a month ago, a team came to one of my outreach troop meetings to monitor and finally today was the interview process.  A panel asked us (my co-worker and I) questions they had after reading over our application.  I never know what to expect, so I always get nervous....especially when a lot of money is on the line!!  So hopefully it went as well as I think it did and my local Girl Scouts will benefit from United Way.
Guess I should get back to work now...not so bad knowing that interview is behind me now! Yay!


  1. you have been so busy girl! a weekend away will definately do good! Nephew is so cute and loving that onesie says "aunt rules " hehe. SO true! Exciting for another one on the way too! Those cake decorating classes seem fun, you did fabulous on your doll making cake like WOW! I'm impressed! I'm sure you did fine on your interview , at least it is over and you can breathe a little now :) Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. That cake decorating class looks like a lot of fun. Have a fabulous day!