Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 So glad it is already Wednesday...this is my favorite post of the week :)

I'm Loving...that Heather came to see me last night.  We went to dinner then she went to my cake decorating class with me since my mom and sister are in Texas.  We laughed because she came to make me feel better (which she did!!) and I was comforting her!  But that is our friendship and I wouldn't change thanks for coming Heth.  Here are some pictures from last night!
My personal assistant!
Learning to make a basket cake!
adding my roses (i didn't mean Clemson colors...the orange is for Leukemia and the purple is for cancer...just happens to be the best colors ever!)
Love this view :)
Me and Heth with the finished product
  I am so sad last night was the last night of this class...hope to be able to take the intermediate class this summer!

I'm Loving... blog world. Aubrey dedicated a post for my sister!  She read some of my blogs and asked to write about Jodi in hopes to reach more people!  She did a wonderful job so please go read her blog!  Thank you so much Aubrey..means a lot!

I'm Loving... how many people have come out to show support for Jodi and my family.  People we haven't talked to in years, people we don't even know, and of course a friends and family have been so great to us...makes this process a little easier!

I'm Loving...Caringbridge!  Yes...all my "I'm Loving" today is centered around one topic...but that is all that is on my mind :)  Caringbridge is a wonderful place for friends and family to keep in touch.  Jodi is loving reading all the comments, even if she doesn't know you...leave her a comment to make her day!  I also think her caringbridge is very therapeutic for her (and me) so she can openly talk about it and let her vent or whatever!  Check it out here! 
I'm loving... my family.  I know there is a reason that we are facing this obstacle in our lives and we will come out better people!  I just ask that you say a few extra prayers right now...we can tell they are working!!  I promise every post wont be about this..but it is helping me right now :)
Bad picture..I was having a difficult time taking a picture of me and the shirt!  My mom's cousin made these for us (it has Jodi's initials to!)


  1. what a beautiful cake you and heather made! glad she cheered you up and was your personal assistant :) I will keep on praying for Jodi and visit the caringbridge site as well as Aubreys blog! Those shirts your mom's cousin made are cute! love it. Continuing to pray for your family during this time , if i can do anything else let me know!

  2. Stopping by from the WILW link-up to say hi. The cake looks great! Leukemia struck my family a few years ago, so I will be sure to say a prayer for your family.

  3. I like the shirts! And the newer Leukemia awareness graphic at the bottom of the post. I may have to find a way to work that one into my next blog post.