Monday, September 26, 2011

My Tailgate!

I finally did it! I actually took pictures of the food we made for the tailgate to share with you!  I love getting ready for football Saturdays and trying new recipes but I have to admit...I am kind of glad there is an away game this week!  Heather, Ray and I will be going to Virginia for the game, but I don't have to worry about cooking lots of items for a tailgate this week! :)

Chicken Salad on Croissants

Cant remember the name...cheese/rice krispie crackers

Best Dip ever!  Also good for left overs and pretty healthy too!

Sausage Balls

Vegetable Ball

Veggie Ball on game day covered in pecans
Saving the best for football helmet cake!!

The cake isn't burnt, it had fudge in the batter :)

Clemson Football Helmet Cake!

I also made deviled eggs again but I forgot to take a picture of that! I am looking forward to going home at lunch and having some leftover dip!

Since I am talking about the football tailgate...I have to share a little about the game.  I was invited to go on the field and be represented with some other IPTAY reps.  Isn't that exciting?? Well, I thought it was.  We were on the field right before the game started...I loved it :)

THen it was game time and what an exciting game it was!  We beat FSU at home again!! This week we travel to Blacksburg, VA to take on number 10 Virginia Tech!! I cant wait to go with Ray and Heather!!

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  1. Oh gosh, I'm starving now after seeing those pics!!! Looks SOO awesome! And that cake looks really good!!

  2. I'm not really a football fan but I am a fan of appetizers and anything food related, so I'm in!