Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where were you??

I can remember September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday.  I was a freshman in college, now that seems crazy that was 10 years ago!  I was in my biology lab and working on a project when my biology professor came running in our class saying that NYC was under attack!  Our lab instructor told us that we needed to finish our project but one guy went running out of the class.  His Dad worked at the World Trade Center.  I believe that his father may have died that day, because that guy never came back to class that semester.  We finished our lab and everyone rushed to their dorms.  My roommate Beth was there with the news on glued to the tv.  I dont think we moved the rest of the day, we watched reports ALL day.  We couldnt take our eyes off the tv!!
Clemson of course didnt cancel classes that day, it was the teachers choice, but I think all the teachers cancelled.  That weekend all college football games were cancelled and just about everyone on campus went home to be with their families.  I also remember going to my church with my Mom that weekend.  It was a very somber day. No one really knew what to think or say.  I remember that was one of the first times I saw my Mom cry.  She teared up during part of the sermon and that was the moment I really started to worry about the USA's future.  Isnt it weird that that was when it really clicked? I mean, I knew it was very bad what happened, but me being a naive 18 year old maybe I thought that 9/11 would be it?  Maybe I didnt realize that it meant war, I think I had to have known it would be a war?  Who knows?? I just know that I felt different about it all when I saw my Mom that day! 

So, where were you on 9/11??


  1. So tragic. I remember that day very well, and I have a post going up about it tomorrow. I was a freshman in high school and was sitting in choir when our principal came on the announcements to tell us the planes had crashed into the trade centers. So...crazy. No one will ever forget it.

  2. Love the new design, I totally jacked your title today for my blog post without even knowing. Call me today pretty please!!