Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm Loving...that I got to see my two favorite little men this past weekend.  Wes always forgets to tell me when his sister and her boys are coming in town for the weekend until the last minute.  So about 5:00 on Friday he called and said...forgot to tell you but Emily is in town.  So glad that I didn't have big plans this past weekend and I could finally spend some time with them.  They are too cute!
I'm Loving...that Jodi is living in Greenwood for a little while! We haven't lived in the same town since 2005!  What is even better is that we have our date night tonight.  She comes over every Wednesday for supper.  Tonight we are having one of our favorites...french onion pork chops! yum!

**She goes to Texas on Sunday for a couple days for her monthly check-up...I know we will hear more great news!**
I'm Loving... that this was the first thing I saw on facebook this morning!Give a Spit about Cancer 
This website is trying to raise awareness about becoming a bone marrow/stem cell donor.  (Easiest way to be an organ me!)

I'm Heather! Her birthday was on December 2 and we are finally meeting up in Anderson (with Jodi) and going to have her birthday dinner.  We are both pretty busy lately so it took a couple weeks before we both had an open night! Cant wait to see her :)
I'm Loving...this season! I am just so happy during Christmas time...and no it is not because of presents ;)  I love having get-togethers with family and friends.  I love all the decorations and most everyone just seems happier this time of  year!
I'm Loving...I will be on Christmas Vacation starting this time next week.   Next Wednesday is my last day of work until 2012! Yay!!  I have some projects around the house that I really need to do...lets hope I stay motivated :)


  1. So glad Jodi is doing well and living in the same city as you so that you can get together more often :) I'm slacking in comments, I know, but I hope things are going well for you!!

  2. I'm on vacation until January too, and have a list of things to get accomplished. Now, ask me how many I have done so far...yup, a big fat 0. :-) Hope we both get busy and can cross some things off. Have a merry Christmas!