Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am really going to try to get back to a regular blog posts I swear.  What better way to start the morning out by writing about what I am loving!!

I'm Loving... that I am still able to stay home with Paige this week.  I went back to work Monday only to find out my HR person didn't realize that I was supposed to be off 8 weeks and not 6 weeks because I had a c-section.   The doctor cleared me at 6 weeks but the short term disability approved 8 weeks!  So not only do I get an extra week with my baby girl but I also get my PTO (vacation days) that I used last week back and I can take some time off at Christmas now!  I was so upset on Monday when I found out..I mean it would have been nice to know but it all worked out.  Love being home with my girl!

I'm Loving... that the time changed!  I love the fall, because of the holidays, cozy fireplaces, football, bon fires...ahh so nice!  Another reason I love it is because Wes gets home at a decent time now.  He is the person who likes to work when the sun is in the summer he wont get home until like 8.  Now he gets home around 5!
I'm Loving... that the elections are OVER!! I am not loving the outcome because I fear how the country will be over the next four years.  But I will never bash the President...I hate that.  He is the President like it or not...I just hope some of his things he wants to do doesn't pass the House and Senate.  We shall see!

I'm Loving... I will be in Clemson on Friday afternoon to see one of my best friends that I haven't seen in 6 years!! She lives in Barbados and is coming to visit this weekend for the first time since we graduated. I can not wait to see Richele. Paige and I are heading that way on Friday so they can meet and we will hang out with another great friend Julie. We hope to take Paige to The Rock to take pictures too. What a fun afternoon that we will have! Plus I will see them again (without Paige) for the game on Saturday! Go Tigers!!

I'm Loving... that Paige has such sweet cousins.  Emily and the boys came to visit this weekend and man does that Wyatt love his baby girl cousin.  He is always wanting to hold her and love on her.  He even shares blankets so she wont get sweet.  Love my boys!

I'm Loving... my sweet family.  Wes and I are so lucky to have Miss Paige!  I am loving every minute and not taking a second for granted!!


  1. I am a teacher so I am SO GLAD the election is over... totally agree! But I don't agree with the time change:) Too dark, toooo early! Your baby girl is precious!:) Going to browse your blog some more!

  2. Awww..what a beautiful little baby!

    I completely agree about the president bashing. Even though he wasn't my choice, we should still respect him because he is the president.

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  3. oh girl, enjoy your extra time off! that's a nice little gift. enjoy that beautiful baby... adorable :)

    xoxo, Amy

    I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!