Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm Loving... that I finally started Christmas shopping yesterday.  I am usually almost finished if not finished with everything by Thanksgiving but having a baby during my shopping season really slowed that up!  I think I will do most of my shopping online this year.  I have several gifts saved in shopping carts online until my next pay check but I bought one of Wes's yesterday! Yay me!
So Mom's of little you buy much for your baby?  Mine will be 3 months old and has everything we need.  I am thinking of getting one of two things and that's it.  

I'm Loving... it is almost time to go pick out our Christmas tree!! Wes and I load up the 4wheeler and head to our farm in Edgefield.  We go on a hunt for the perfect cedar tree.  I love that tradition and its free! haha.  I am hoping to find a tiny tree to put in Miss Paige's room this year too.  Can not believe it is already this time of year!! So exciting!

I'm Loving... that Mom and Jodi just got back from Jodi's check up in Houston.  Her doctors told her that she was know how excellent that is??  We are so lucky that the transplant worked out so well and Jodi is doing great!!! 

I'm Loving... how true this is:

I'm Loving...  football this year.  Even though I have only made it to a couple games this team is doing great (even with a not so great defense!).  We only have two more games and next week's game is HUGE.  We play USC and it is time for us to win.  Clemson has gone too long without a W against our rivals...its our turn!  Needless to say, Death Valley will be loud and electric next weekend!!

I'm Loving... that Thanksgiving is next week!!!  That is so hard to believe.  I love Thanksgiving and getting together with all your family!  Ours starts on Wednesday night this year...we are going to the Careys in Edgefield for dinner.  Thursday Lunch we will be at my Memas with my aunts, uncles and cousins and will have the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Thursday night we go to Wes's mom's house and Wes and Levi will cook Low Country Boil...Yum!  Hopefully sometime during the holiday Wes will also be able to cook a huge pot of hash.  Cant wait!! 
I'm Loving... my little family! I am truly blessed to have met Wesley and have our sweet Miss Paige!! 

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