Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, the weekend didn't start out that great.  I had a long meeting at work Friday that was a bit stressful...I hate to end a work week that way!!  Friday night, Wes and I stayed home and was just lazy instead of going out with our friends.  He was getting up early Saturday morning to head to North Carolina so that he could remodel his sister's kitchen so that was another reason to stay in Friday night!  Since I went to sleep so early on Friday, I was up at like 6:30 on Saturday!  Why do I struggle weekdays to be at work at 8:30 but on weekends I am up ready to go so early?? I had a busy agenda for Saturday because I was hosting a bridal shower for my friend Sarah on Sunday....so that meant my house needed a major cleaning!!  I started working on that and then Heather called me around 8:30 to chat.  After a few minutes she decided that she would come visit me in Greenwood and help me run errands for the shower. She made my day!!!  So that meant I had to hurry and clean everything before she got there because who wants to clean when one of your bffs come to visit??
She made the hour drive and got to my house around 10:30...how time has changed from a few years ago when we were just waking up at 10:30!!
We went to pick up Sarah's flowers and man was that interesting.  I ordered flowers for a centerpiece (that she could take home afterwards) and it was very pretty but wasnt displayed how I wanted it to be.  It was in a green tuberware type container and I wanted them in a vase!!  We doctored them up and look how pretty they are!!

 After the flower delimma we went to Old Navy and then lunch at one of my favorite places in Greenwood...

After lunch we headed over to some cute boutiques in Uptown Greenwood.  If anyone is familiar with my small town....you would be shocked to see these great stores here.  Heather sure was...you will have to read her post to see the great coat she found!!

Then it was time for some relaxing at my house while Heather was looking at my recipes I was watching my Tigers play basketball!  It was a close game to the Tar Heels if only we could have finished out the game!  Ugh I really dislike the Tar Heels!

Back to getting ready for the shower...Heather and then went grocery shopping and starting getting some of the food ready....

My sister was coming into town for the shower and stayed the night with me!  So we went out to eat at Mig's and then headed over to her friend Jeff's house and look what he has!!!!!!!

5 week old puppies!! They were so cute!!!

Now on to Sunday...the shower went great and about 25ish people came!  The theme of the shower (my favorite one) is to bring a recipe, the dry ingredients to make it and the dish to put it in.  Sarah lucked up with all those recipes!  The other hostesses (Kristina and Alison) and I got her a recipe book and we added more of our favorites along with the ones she got at the shower and gave that to her at the end.  All in all...it was a great shower!  Here are some pic  (I know this post is picture overload...oh well! :))
Enough food pictures...now more of Sarah, her guests and ALL of her presents!!
Her new recipe book with everyone's recipe from the shower!!
The Bride with all but one of her bridesmaids! (Lindsey, Alison, Sarah, Me, and Kristina)
Once everyone left, Wes pulled in from North Carolina!  What a great weekend with some of my favorite people! :)

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  1. Thank you for commenting on my post earlier.

    What a beautiful shower and what a great idea with the recipes.