Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am getting really bad at blogging lately...hopefully I will get back to normal soon :)
I'm Loving...Wes and I went to my parents mountain house the other weekend (and i am just now sharing) so he could finish up one of my parents projects and start on the next one!  Here are some pictures from last weekend...
My Dad loves his signs!
My hubby hard at work

Time for a photo shoot!!

Enough playing...back to work

The completed shed
The first deck that Wes built. 

My parents rock wall (in progress)

A few from the shed. 

Looking back at the shed at outhouse
Starting project 1,396 at the mountain house....a bridge to the other part of the mountain so you can across.  Eventually there will be parking and other part of the house over there.

I'm loving...that my mom, sister and I are taking a cake decorating class!   Last night was class number 2 where we had to bake the cake, make the icing and then decorate.  It is so much fun!  
Yummy Butter Cream Icing!
The sides

So much fun :)
My sister's cake

My mom's cake
 I'm Loving....this little guy
This is Ben, one of my best friend's babies!  They live in Texas so I have yet to meet him but I just love him!  I sent him some Clemson goodies (the rattle) when she told me she was pregnant.  Then my parents went to Texas last week (So jealous) and met up with Alix and Ben!  This picture was from their visit....isnt he the cutest??

I'm Loving...that I am only working a half day tomorrow and off on Friday.  I am going to the beach with my mother-in-law, sister in law and nephew!  I cant wait to get there....hopefully it will not rain the entire time!
I'm Loving...that I get to work with my little Girl Scouts today! Since it is raining, I have to redo what I wanted to do with them...better get to planning :)


  1. Yay for blogging. I am loving your cakes.

  2. I can't wait to cut my cake!!

  3. Found your blog through the link up! The mountain house looks so peaceful...

  4. Great things that you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Mountain house is beautiful!!!! Enjoy your beach weekend girlie and those cakes look SOOO yummy!!!!

  6. I miss the mountains! And those cakes look AMAZING. Go Jami!