Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I cant believe it is already Wednesday!  
I'm Loving...that I get to see my little Girl Scouts this afternoon.  Every Wednesday I get to work with my outreach troop (I usually only get to work with the this is a rare treat!) at a local Elementary School.  This week I have the K5-2nd graders and there are 28 of them! We are going to work on teamwork games and they will be learning what their personal skills are. :)
I'm loving... that my Tigers finally won their first tournament game since 1997 (really didn't know it has been that long...glad that streak is over).  We were one of the "lucky" teams that had to play in the first four games of the NCAA tournament to be able to play in the bracket.  We won big last night and now we will play tomorrow against West Virgina!
Grant after making a basket and getting fouled last night!
I heart Stitt!!
This wasn't from last nights game...but I am liking our new coach! :)
 I'm Loving.... Ok sorry but it is another basketball post.  I am just excited it is time for 

I love filling out my bracket and waiting to see how I actually did with my guesses.  I know a lot about sports, but my knowledge is limited to the ACC and SEC conferences.  So it is really guesses when I fill out my bracket!! I would show you mine but it is on a website and haven't figured out how to share :)

I'm Loving...that Wes is working at my parents Mountain House this weekend.  We haven't been there in so long and I am looking forward to spending some time there!!
Far away and this picture doesn't do this place justice!
My Dad admiring the view!!
I'm Loving...That Wes's sister is having another baby this summer and she found out last week that it will be another boy!! So excited to have two nephews.  As Emily (my sister-in-law) said, there will be one for me to hold and one for Wes to play with.  Look how cute her first son, Wyatt, is...cant wait to meet our new nephew!!


  1. I cant wait for basketball to start tomorrow!

  2. I was thrilled about Clemson's win too last night and march madness beginning anyway! Enjoy your time with girl scouts- so sweet! I'm enjoying the 3 boxes of lemonades --totes think of you ;) Enjoy your time in the mountain house, sounds so fun!

  3. Oh I'm jealous you're going to the mountains....

  4. Do you get free cookies? lol

  5. Your nephew is so cute!!