Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catch up on my life :)

It has been a few days since I last posted so here is what I have been up to! 
Friday night, Wes and I just hung out at the house and had a lazy night since he had to work Saturday morning.  Once he was finished with work we headed to the lake for the afternoon.  Wes's sister and her family was in town along with some of her in-laws visiting from Florida.  We had lots of cute little boys playing around everywhere it was great!  
I may have the coolest nephew ever! :)

"Baby Michael" as Wyatt calls him.
See I told you I was around some cuties this weekend!  Wes and I went Mother's Day shopping after the lake we went in with Emily and Levi to ger my mother in law a new grill for the lake.

Sunday morning Wes and I decided to put the grill together..man that was a headache!! Of course one of the pieces was missing so Wes decided to weld the tire together.  It is kinda funny thinking back now...but it was such a pain!
Since my mom is in Texas I mailed her a card and some of her favorite candy (her real gift is here waiting on her to come back).  We talked for awhile on Sunday morning..I cant wait for my family to come home :)

We spent Sunday at the lake also with some great food and family.  After that, I went to pick up my Mema so she could skype with Mom and Jodi.  This was the first mothers day that my mom and Mema weren't together...so we are happy for skype! :)  Look how cute she looks!
 It was a great weekend and of course I need to add some pictures of my little family on Sunday afternoon.

Gracie always looks sad in pictures but I swear she is happy...especially when she is inside with me :)

Sorry for the long post but I have to give an update on my sister....
She is doing so well and I am so thankful!  She had great news from the doctor yesterday..her body was making white blood cells and her kidneys and liver are both functioning well.  We love hearing good reports!
We have her fundraiser this weekend so my house is a bakery again!  


  1. That is so great about the good news about your sister! I've been praying! Glad the prayers are working :) Always a praise!

    What a fun mothers day weekend! your nephews are cuties! Reminds me of some little boys i keep in nursery at church! So sweet that your mema was able to skype with them in Texas! Memas are awesome , I know miss mine!

    Glad things are going well your way! Let me know about the fundraiser! I may make a trip to there :)

  2. Callie looks a little like my Bowser! And Rocko always look sad in pictures just like Gracie. AND they walk under each other just like in your picture... lol... too funny...

  3. We miss you too! And are OH SO READY to come home!