Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm Loving... that today is one of my best friends birthdays!  Happy Birthday to Alix!  Wish I could be with you and help celebrate.  Alix is from France and my family "adopted" her in college so we are her "American Family".  
This was a long time ago!!!

Alix is a mom now! Ben is my unofficial nephew.  He was born in October but I love this picture of him with all the Clemson stuff I sent him :)
 I'm is my Girl Scout day.  It is kind of bittersweet.  I love working with my girls but today is the last day with them.  

I'm Loving... my house is a bakery this week and I get to sell all my cakes at the fundraiser on Saturday so the cakes will not even be tempting to eat!  That is the best part...baking, decorating and then get them out of the house.  Any ideas how I should decorate a few cakes for the benefit?  I made this one for the last one (the name messed up so ignore that part)
The icing looks pink in the picture but I promise it was orange for Leukemia!!
 I'm Loving...that the Cicadas are almost gone! If you are fortunate enough to not know what Cicadas VERY THANKFUL.  They are so very loud in Greenwood.  I was driving on back roads last night and it looked like it was raining for all the bugs flying everywhere!  Not to mention the noise!  They are so loud we can here them inside the house with the TV on.  I am glad they only come around 13 years and stay for a few weeks.  Cant wait for them to go away :)

 I'm Loving...that my sister is getting good reports from her doctors!  She had some bad red "rashes" on her legs because of the low platelets and they are starting to go away! I can not wait to see how much we can raise for her this weekend too! So excited :)


Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. Happy birthday to your friend Alix! So sweet your fam is her "american family!" her baby is adorable! that is AWESOME news about your sister :) Hope you have fun on your last day with girl scouts too! As far as cakes for the fundraiser , no idea except use spring colors or colors that are your sisters favorite and decorate with that! Hope you have a great day girl!

  2. Yay for platelets doing their job! :)

  3. Is it weird that I love Cicadas? lol...