Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

 I'm Loving....that today is Wednesday already and it is time to play with my Girl Scouts.  Today we are learning about other countries so they will get to decorate their own passport and we will pretend to be airplanes "flying" around the room to different countries, once they arrive, they will get their passports stamped and we will learn new something new about the country.  This is one of my favorite activities to do with the girls! :)

I'm Loving... that I made one of my favorite sides for supper last night. Sweet Potato Fries...they are so very yummy.  I did change the recipe a bit, I put more Cinnamon and left out the paprika this time. I blogged about it awhile ago if you want to see the recipe.  (I got it Kit, she has the best recipes!).  

I'm Loving... that I have a wonderful excuse to make my hubby go to Chick-fil-A tonight.  It isn't his favorite but he doesn't have a choice.  Tonight is the fundraiser for Jodi..she gets a percentage of their sales from 5-8!! 
I'm Loving... that today is Jodi's Birthday!! It may not be the birthday she dreamed off but I hope it is still fabulous! :)
 I'm Loving... this quote that was on the wall in the hospital when we first found out about Jodi.  I think of it often and I love it. (my dad pointed it out to me first :))


  1. That is a great quote that in in the hospital :)
    Yay for girl scout time, that sounds like fun what yall will be doing today visiting differ countries , making own passports seriously! thos sweet potatoe fries sound so yummy!!!!