Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Another day to link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
I'm Loving...that my co-worker Sara is coming to Greenwood tomorrow.  We are both outbased and we try to meet at each other's houses once a month and work on some projects.  She is coming here so we can finish working on our Girl Scout Leader Retreat that we have in a few weeks!
I'm Loving...
 I just started playing this the other week and I just figured out that I can link it up to facebook and play with people on there from my phone.  Even though I havent won a game is fun :)
I'm Loving...that school is starting back soon.  Most of my friends are teachers and would hate that I just said that, but my job is usually pretty boring in the summer and cant wait to be busy again to make my day go by faster at work.  My main focus at work is recruiting girls and adults to join Girl Scouts.  Our heavy recruitment time is August-October.  I will be in and out of schools, setting up tables and PTO meetings, having Girl Scout night at the schools, setting up recruitments at local is a lot of work but I really enjoy getting out and hopfully finding new leaders!

I'm Loving....that I only have about 60 "Jodis a Rockstar" shirts left!  We started out with over 300 shirts so we have sold a lot!  What a fun fundraiser this has been!  Jodi has asked that anyone who has bought a shirt to take a picture of you wearing it...these are my favorites:
With Clemson Football head Coach, Dabo!

Not many people can take pictures with a bald eagle!

Jodi and her AML doctor...Dr. Andreff


Boise State Football

The Tiger!!

They painted the boat going out toward Folly Beach  
I'm Loving...that I finally get to meet my new nephew, Matthew Ryan, this weekend.  We were going to go to NC to see them this past weekend...but it was just too hectic with work and the benefit.  I can not wait to see Wyatt and finally get to hold baby Matthew!!


  1. Oh girl, you need to find me on WWF: Hollyjean11...we can totally play each other! I'm not always that great at it though lol.

    I think it's so great you work for the Girl Scouts! How did you get interested in that job or even come across it? I was a girl scout from Daisies until Juniors--our troop disbanded right before we became Seniors, but I have plenty of friends who went on to become Seniors and completed their Silver and Gold awards. Plus I love the cookies...thin mints all the way!!

    That's so awesome that you've sold that many shirts!! Love all the pictures, too.

    Have a great time meeting your new nephew this weekend!

  2. I love Words with Friends too! I'm not very good at it either but I'm learning! You can only do so much with those letters they give

  3. I just gave you a blog award!!

  4. wow great great post hun! xo can't wait to read more

  5. Looks like so much fun! :) Happy to have found your blog :) Wish you followers button was showing!