Friday, August 12, 2011

Date Night

So last night was date night but it wasn't with my was with this girl

Heather came to Greenwood yesterday afternoon and went we went to her favorite stores in town, Sugar Boutique and Blossom.  She was looking for some cute Lilly clothes but she didn't see anything she needed wanted.  She took me back to work and she just hung around town.  I met her at the movie theater when I got off work and we went to see....
It was so much like the book and I loved it just as much as I hoped I would.  I almost even teared up at one point, I have never cried at a movie!! I have to say that Minny was my favorite! I mean I liked her in the book but loved her character in the movie.  She had us laughing a lot!

One of my favorite scenes was when Johnny (the husband of the lady she works for) came home and she started freaking was great!  She was also great in the scene when she agrees to be apart of the book. 
 So everyone needs to go see this will defiantly be one that I buy when it comes out!!

After the movie, Heather and I went to Shoe Show to buy some shoes.  She went there while I was at work and bought a pair of knock off Jack Rogers for $9 and I couldn't resist.  I just cant justify spending all that money on the real thing, plus I have tried them on before and they hurt my feet!  So I bought two pair and they have a little cushion in them and very comfy!  We compared them to her real Jack's she was wearing and you couldn't tell a difference.  You like?

Heather and I both got two pair...I love them :)

Then we went to eat at The Ranch.  That is usually our spot to go in Greenwood.  She loves the chicken Alfredo (and apparently their garlic bread)and I love their baked potatoes.  We had a very interesting waitress (an ex Girl Scout leader...the ex part is a GREAT thing) and the food was wonderful.

Our date night had to end...and she went back home.  I always have a great time with my Heather and wish we got to see each other more often!! 


  1. I'm going to see that tomorrow, I can't wait!!! And those shoes look awesome :) Date nights with your bestie are always great!

  2. Love this post, but you got to stop putting the worst pictures of me possible on your blog. You have done that two post in a row now, haha. Love you, glad we got to hang out yesterday..