Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Another day to link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
I'm Loving...that I was able to catch up with an old friend last night.  We were talking about how we both needed to lose weight (about the same amount) and we decided to make each other accountable.  We set a plan to talk every Monday and tell each other how much we weigh and how much weight we lost.  It always helps to have someone that you have to tell.  She lives in another town and we decided that every mini goal we reach together, we will meet up and have dinner or something one night.  Lets hope this gets us both motivated :)

I'm Loving...I found this free app on my phone:
It is pretty hopefully I will use it everyday!!

I'm blog will have some changes coming in the next few weeks.  I am so excited 

I'm Loving... that I went to pick up all my parents football tailgate equipment.  Since my parents are in Texas and wont be able to make it to games this year (Dad probably will but not Mom) I have to plan the tailgate.  That is usually Mom's job.  I am actually pretty excited about it.  I want to make this again....but make it better of course
This was just a practice round..needs some work
I also am going to make my mom's yummy deviled eggs...a tailgate is complete without those.  I just have to figure out what else we are going to make.  Two weeks from Saturday!! I can not wait!! (just with my parents and Jodi were going to be there!)

I'm Loving... a lot of Jodi's friends are heading to her store (The Beaded Tiger) on Sunday afternoon to make lots of purple and orange game day jewlry.  Every game Jodi set up her table near TD's (her store is a little to far away for people to walk on game day so she sets up a table) and sells jewlery and pocketbooks.  Obviously she will not be doing this herself this year, but her friends are volunteering to run the table!  Her friends are pretty awesome.  So on Sunday, Jodi is providing pizza and drinks and we are having a jewlery making party!  If anyone knows me, I can not design jewlry at I will be the one stringing the beads and putting the stuff together! I will leave the designing part to someone else!
I'm Loving... that my cousin's Brooke and Josh just had a literally, as I was writing my post I found out that he was born.  His name is Isaiah and he is 8 pounds and 11 ounces!  I hear he looks a lot like his older brother Gabe. So happy for them and cant wait to meet him!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. yay for some great changes :) And, I LOVE that someone else is as excited for football as I am! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

  2. I can't wait to see your new blog changes!!! And good luck with the bead selling, I hope she does a great job. I think that's great you have a friend to hold you accountable for weight loss, good luck!!