Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 Before I get started, I have to say that I love that it is Wednesday! All morning I have been thinking it was Tuesday and when I logged on to blogger, I saw all the WILW posts and realized it was Wednesday! Yay..that much closer to the weekend!

I'm Loving...Paige and I have a play date with Heather and Audrey this coming Saturday.  I am so proud of the two of us for actually sticking to our plan of having monthly play dates with the girls.  This month Paige and I are heading to Heather's house.  Cant wait to see Paige and Audrey together this time.  Every time Paige is around other babies, she just laughs at them.  She thinks babies are so funny.  Since her and Audrey are a lot more active now, it should be fun!  I'm sure we will take a few pictures as well...

I'm mom had another successful surgery yesterday.  Last year she had surgery on her Achilles and during recovery she fell and hurt her knee.  So she had surgery to fix her knee on Monday.  Paige and I went to visit her yesterday and she is already walking around great and can get rid of crutches tomorrow.  Much quicker recovery than the last surgery.  Hopefully no more surgeries for a while, she has had two this year, Dad had one and I had one.  My surgery was the best since it brought Miss P ;).

I'm Loving... that Jodi moved home.  It is really nice to have everyone in the same town.  Now if we could just get Emily, Levi and the boys to move here!  That wont happen but at least they are just in North Carolina and not Oklahoma/Arkansas anymore.  Look how cute Jodi's house it:
Her house has such pretty hard wood floors and so much character.  The park is right across the street, so that will come in handy for Miss P as she gets older!

I'm Loving...watching Wes and Paige together.  As long as I am there with them, Paige is obsessed with Wes.  If it is just the two of them, I hear things don't go as well.  She gives Wes her best smiles and is always so very excited to see him!  It is so cute.  Last night, they had me in tears from laughing so hard.  Paige faked cried for some reason and Wes did it back to her.  Then she did it, then Wes did it.  This went on for like 3 minutes.  She would fake cry, then laugh as he faked cried.  It was great and I wish I had it on video, but she would have stopped doing it if I moved to get the camera!  Love those two so much!
I'm Loving...that the weather is perfect in South Carolina these days.  I love the spring so much, minus the few days a year with tornado threats of course!  It is sunny and close to 80 everyday this week.  Just puts me in a good mood!

I'm family!  We are so blessed and lucky to have Miss Paige in our lives...well and each other too.  I look forward to every evening where it is just the three of us :)
My view every night.  Laying on the floor watching Paige play for ever.  She must have a great imagination already because she is so good at entertaining herself.  She was playing like this for over an hour last night! 


  1. The photos of Heather and Audrey are adorable! I used to do playdates with my son, but we got busy and quit. I wish we had kept up with it like you have!

  2. I love the pictures of those precious babies! I do hope I find a baby or two that my new one (well, he's not out QUITE yet) can get to know and grow up with. We moved around a bit, so I never had a constant besides my own brother.

    I hope I keep up with my own blog - the whole point is to document the pregnancy and then the new kid!

  3. Those are awesome pictures! And I love all your loves for this week too :)

    The Wondering Brain