Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Talk: Working Mama

Everyone knows I love a good link-up, especially ones where I can talk about Paige!  So, today I'm linking up with  Kristin, for her new weekly link-up, Baby Talk.
A few months ago, I wrote about being a working mom and how I was struggling with it daily.  A day doesn't go by where I don't wish I could be home with Paige everyday but then I am so thankful for the wonderful people keeping her.

In the mornings she goes to a local church school and I LOVE IT.  Now I even think I would want to put my next child there even if I didn't work.  Not every day, but maybe twice a week when they got around six months old.  I really think Paige loves it there.  Her teacher is Mrs Linda and she is perfect.  She is the sweetest and most caring lady...perfect for babies!  Paige's cousin (like 3rd cousin) is in her class along with 3 other babies.  We couldn't ask for a better set up!  Everyday when I drop her off, her teacher loves on her and Paige cant wait to start playing!  When I pick her up, she is always the happiest one there just happy to be with everyone playing!

Now in the perfect world, I would keep her in the afternoon but we have a great set up there too.  Gerri keeps her at my house usually and my mom has her one afternoon a week.  It has been a little off the last couple of weeks but that is our normal schedule.  This summer, we will had her Mimi in the mix since she will be on summer break.  It makes me having to work a little easier knowing she is with family.

I always said my dream would be a stay at home mom, and it still is but I could defiantly work part time and be a SAHM in the afternoons!! I would love to work at a church school, not in Paige's class because I think it would be hard on both of us to share each other, but just in her school.  One can dream right??

I love being able to spend the mornings with Paige before school, my lunch break with her and then evenings as well.  I am trying to be positive and realize how lucky we are but I don't think I will ever be satisfied working while someone else is with my baby girl! 

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  1. Being a working mama is HARD! I would love so much to be a SAHM too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I work from home and that's even hard too. I feel like I put him in his swing or on his play mat just so I can work. It sucks.