Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Here are a few things that I am loving today...

I'm Loving...Bravo.  Ok I am obsessed with that channel.  It is about the only channel I watch.  I am addicted to almost all the Real Housewives.  I love OC, New York, New Jersey and Beverly Hills.  I can not get into Atlanta or Miami...even though I try each season!
I am so sad to almost be finished watching these girls every week (I will not miss Adrienne though)...
But that just means these ladies will be entertaining me for a while..
For someone who really has a boring life (well I don't think its boring, just work and family stuff...low key better word?) I love the drama in these shows!
I'm Loving...the weather the past few days.  I am so excited for Paige to wear her cute spring clothes and for us to be able to play outside all the time!

  I'm Loving...that Jodi is moving back to Greenwood! We haven't lived in the same town since I was in college and she hasn't lived in Greenwood for like 14 years!  She accepted a new job and rented a cute little house!  She will be in town tomorrow to start moving but wont officially move until next weekend!  Look how cute her house is...cant wait to help her get it all decorated!
I'm Loving...that Paige had a great check up last week.  No more ear infection and she did pretty good with the shots.  She hated being held down more than the actual shots.  She is a healthy baby girl weighing 16 pounds and 6 ounces (50%) 26.25 inches long (60%) and her head is 17.25 (80%).  Her daddy calls her a runt with a big head...we are used to babies in our family being in the 100% for length!
I'm Loving...these two as always. 
Happy Wednesday!!
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  1. Are you excited for NJ to start June 2nd!? I am! I'm jealous of your weather! It's been snowing non stop the past two days here! Happy Wednesday!!