Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paige's First Easter


Paige had a wonderful first Easter.  We woke up and headed to church first thing Sunday morning.  The three of us went to the early service at 8:30, we thought Mimi would be there but it was just the two of us and Paige was in the nursery of course.  It was a great service then we loaded up and went to Mimi's.  She was busy cooking lunch and once she got everything in the oven cooking it was time to play!  She handed out Easter Baskets to all of us and we all played with Miss Paige. We even had a photo shoot...no surprise there!  I was finally able to get all three of us in a picture.  Yes we had pictures at the mountains but I was glad to get us all dressed pretty!

 After lunch, we headed home for the day.  Paige and I played around the house well Wes went out to the farm for a little while.  Later that afternoon BB and Boompa came to see Paige in her Easter dress and give her a gift.  They hung out for a while and that was our Easter Sunday.  It was a great day!

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