Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dear Miss Paige,
You are 10 months old?!?!  I swear before I turn around I will be saying you are 10 years old?  Scary thought!  It is going by so fast but I am loving every single second of it.  I was trying to think the other day about which month has been my favorite, a lot of people told me 9 months is their favorite.  I agree, I loved it, but then I think back to your first few months and I loved those just as much.  Basically I love everything so far.  You are such a fun and happy baby!  Not much longer until you are ONE YEAR OLD!!
I am not sure how much you weigh, I need to get on that don't I?  If I had to guess, I would say right at 20 pounds.  You haven't gained much weight since you doctors appointment a few weeks ago when you weighed 19.1 ounces.  I do think you have your Daddy's metabolism...which is a great thing Miss P.  

I went to put a onsie on you the other day and it fir perfectly...later that day when I took it off I realized it was a 3-6 month size! Normally you wear any of your 9 month and some of your 12 month clothes.  I worked hard in your room this past weekend taking out all the clothes you don't wear any more making room for your 12 month clothes.  Some days you still let me take pictures of you wearing you cute clothes...you know I like to document everything!  We finally bought you some bigger pjs.  You wear 9-12 or 12 month footed pjs now.  You are also still in size 3 diapers.  Some brands leak worse than others, so at night I put you in size 4 Pampers just to make sure it wont wake you up at night and need changing. 

Miss P, your bottle schedule is completely different than last month!  You have your morning bottle and then sometimes you go all day without any until your night bottle.  Other days, you have one around 3 but you could really do without that one.  If you are cranky, I give it to you, if not we skip.  You really prefer food over your day bottles....and I am okay with that!!  Each bottle is 8 ounces and when you have two bottles a day, it is all breast milk, when you have three, it is some formula added.   You really love food now!  You mostly eat pureed food still but we have added soft veggies and other foods.  Beans and bread are your new favorite I believe. Some days you still have a hard time eating your vegetables but ultimately you give in and eat them! Your feeding schedule is this: Bottle first thing, yogurt around 10, usually 2 containers of baby food at 12, bottle or snack around 2-3, two containers of food at 6, snack around 730 and bottle at 9pm. 

I am so glad you take after me and love to sleep!  You make my life so much easier!  After your 9pm bottle, you are usually asleep before the bottle is finished but I still rock you for a few minutes.  On the average night, you sleep until 745-8am.   Every once in a while you will wake up for a paci but fall right back to sleep.  Sometimes you wake up a little earlier (like 730) and then there have been days you don't wake up until 815!  Depending on the day, you may sleep 30-45 minutes in the morning but you skip that one a lot, but you always have a nice long nap in the afternoon, around 2 hours!  I can defiantly tell a difference when you do not get a good nap in!
Thank goodness you did not teeth any this month!! We needed a break on that..I mean you already have 7 teeth!  There were a couple nights were you woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep and then that is when I realized you were uncomfortable because you were wet.  So I changed your diaper and you were happy but of course thought it was time to play!  So the next night is when I started giving you the next size up in diapers for night time...solved that problem.  You started sleeping like normal again!!

Since it is the summer, school is out but they have Camp Curiosity.  They have camp for six weeks, three days a week.  Unfortunately Mrs. Linda isn't there but her helpers are the ones in charger for the summer so you know them all!  You have the best time at school, every morning when I drop you off I expect you to cling to me, but you wave and are itching to get down to play!  

Miss Paige...you are soooo close to walking, it is scary!  Everything you see turns into something that helps you walk!  As of just the other day, you are even walking beside me and just holding one hand!  I just know you will be on your own in no time.  You can even stand without pulling up and holding on and stand there for maybe 20 seconds before falling!  You love to crawl and can even crawl like you are running.  I will go in another room and I can hear you coming after me so fast!!  You can get behind you walker and go ALL over the place and have even learned to shake it until it turns directions!  You got your first pair of Stride Rite shoes and they really help give you support.  You can walk and stand much better wearing those and you look so cute too :)

Speaking of being so mobile...you are in to everything!!! I need to put locks on the cabinets that I do not want you to get into, but for now we just block it off with a chair.  I let you play with the cabinet that has the pots and pans, but close the one under the sink and the pantry.  You also love the drawers in my bathroom where I keep the extra toothpaste and other things like that.  Every morning you love taking them out of the drawer and putting it back.  It keeps you so entertained while I get ready in the mornings!  

I would say your favorite toys this month have been anything you can take in and out of a bucket or box.  You love helping me with laundry!  I can just see your little brain just working so hard.  You also love all your walker toys an of course your wagon!  You will ride in your wagon all day long if we let you.  You and your Daddy are wild in that thing...sometimes I just have to close my eyes but you love the thrill!  Oh man, you talk all the time too.  You have learned to raise your voice too!  The words you know now are: Mama, Dada, Bye Bye and WOW!  I believe you have said baba for your bottle but it was only a couple times so I am not sure.  The main thing you say is Mama....all. day.long! I am not complaining though, I love it!  There are lots of other noises you make and we will carry on a little conversation and I always wonder what you are trying to say!

We can not go anywhere without everyone talking about how cute you are or trying to touch your face, which is odd to me.  You just smile at everyone and sometimes wave.  Every once in a while you will act shy and hide your face in my shoulder.  We are trying to teach you to clap now.  You will laugh watching us clap, then clap one time and get all excited.  I think you wait for us to say yay!  It is so much fun teaching you fun new things!

There was a HUGE first this month Miss Paige.  You went on your first vacation...well first trip for more than one night!  We went to Surfside Beach for the week and stayed with Mimi, Emily, Levi, Wyatt, Matthew, Gerri and Gene.  It rained a whole lot while we were there, so while it was raining we played at the Fun Warehouse, went shopping at the Outlets and went to the Aquarium with Audrey and Heather.  Once it finally stopped raining we spend a few days at the beach and just about every evening at the pool.  It was so nice!! You loved eating the sand and playing at the beach.  In the pool, you floated around in your float.  You knew when you were tired of the float and let us know!  You had a great time at the beach and I know you cant wait to go back!

One of your favorite things to do is to look out the window.  For some reason I think you get more excited doing that than actually going outside.  You get so excited, especially if Gracie is looking at you.  You are the happiest when you are moving.  So you absolutely love riding in your stroller, wagon and little red car at your Mimi's house.  You saw your wagon in the dining room one night and had a fit until you were able to sit in it...needless to say you had your dinner in the wagon!  Speaking of the wagon,  you and your Daddy are daredevils!  Y'all scare me sometimes, not even going to lie!  But you are having a ball doing crazy things with your Daddy...I love seeing y'all play together!!

You laugh all the time these days!! If we start tickling you, your big belly laugh comes out....cutest thing ever!  You also think peek-a-boo is so funny too!  The past few days you have been making some crazy noises, I think you are trying to blow kisses or either smacking.  Whatever it is, it is nonstop this past week! You are learning what the word "No" means!  We have to say it usually twice and then you stop what you were doing, which is usually messing with the fireplace.  First time you hear no, you look back at us and smile and then do it again.  Second time you hear no, you usually stop and move on to something else.  Every once in a while you start crying.  Mean Mama and Dada just ignore you when you do that, so you stop and play with something else!

You celebrated another first holiday..two actually.  Father's Day and the 4th of July!  We spent Father's Day at the Lake and you really bonded with your Daddy that day.  Ever since then you haven't cried nearly as much when he holds you...yay Paige!  It was a special day for us!  The next holiday you celebrated was the 4th of July.  The weekend before, we went to the Festival of Stars in Ninety Six and walked around pulling you in your wagon and then watched fireworks.  Then on the 4th, we were at the beach and watched fireworks that night at the pier.  I was worried the noise would scare you since you are terrified of the hairdryer and blender, but you loved it!  You wouldn't take your eyes off of them!!

We had our first real weekend at the lake.  Your Daddy took us for your very first boat ride.  I think you would have enjoyed it so much more if you didn't have to wear that huge life jacket.  Hate to tell you, you have to wear that for many years to come!  Once you got somewhat used to it, you enjoyed the ride!  The following day we spent all day at the lake, you liked the boat ride even less and cried a whole lot letting us know you didn't like the jacket! Once you were back at the house and playing  you were happy Miss Paige again.  Mimi set the baby pool up and you played with all of your toys and of course the grass and dirt! Once you get used to the jacket, I know you will love the lake as much as we do!


All of your firsts: Father's Day, 4th of July, Beach Trip, Vacation, Firework show, walking with walker or holding hand, real pair of walking shoes, dance to music, eating non-pureed foods (beans, veggies, bread, cheese, ham), climbing stairs (you climbed three flights of stairs at the beach condo), clapping, went to the Aquarium, long road trip with just Mama, smacking when eating and attempting to blow kisses, boat ride, playing at the lake, becoming a dare devil like your Daddy.
Here are a couple of my favorite videos from this month! 

I really do not understand why time is going by so fast.  You are 10 months old Miss Paige...that is just crazy!! I felt like I was pregnant for ever and now that you have been with us longer than I was pregnant blows my mind!  We are so lucky to be your parents Miss Paige...I honestly don't know what I did with my time before you came along!  I love spending every second I can with you that I can.   Our days are full of playing and laughing with you around.  You are one lucky girl and I tell you that everyday! You have so many people that love you and take care of you.  We all love you so much and even though I am sad you are growing up so fast, I love every month that goes by so I can see what all you do and learn!  I am having fun planning your first birthday...it is going to be fun!! Your Daddy and I love you so much sweet girl and can not wait to see what all you do this coming month! Happy 10 month birthday Paigey Poo!


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  2. Shes such a sweetie pie - you can see her personality shine in each pic ! Almost a big one year old :) great update!