Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lucky Girl

I know I write about Paige a lot on here, but lets face it...shes a huge part of my life!  Anyways, it amazes me how many people love my sweet girl.  Can I tell you how lucky she we all are??  She has the sweetest teachers at her school she goes to in the mornings then in the afternoon Gerri keeps her.  Once a week my mom will keep her and during the summer my mother in law keeps her some.  She is loved on by basically three grandmas, two aunts and several other friends.  If I go a day without posting a picture of her on Facebook, I always get a message asking where Paige is.  Some from close friends and some from people that have never even met her in person (but I know them of course).
It amazes me how people can love someone without even meeting this in person.  I know how they feel, I am the same way with other babies!   Every night when I rock her to sleep, I tell her how special she is and how thankful we all are because of all the people in our lives that love her.

When I got home today at lunch, I saw a huge box at our back door.  It was a box full of lots and lots of clothes from our friends in Florida.  We spent the weekend with them at their farm and as a thank you for Wes cooking hash and doing some work at the farm, they sent like 30 pieces of clothes.  A few weeks ago, I sent them a couple pictures I took and a thank you note for always including us when they are visiting the farm...I guess they showed me up huh?
I told Wes about it and he said, people really love giving her clothes...I hope she doesn't get spoiled!  I know that will stop one day because it really is fun buying cute baby clothes, but with or without the sweet gifts people always give Paige, we are so thankful for everyone that loves my girl!   Of course it isn't just the gifts, people show her love without gifts and that love is even more special of course!! I feel guilty whenever people give Paige clothes or other gifts because we can not do the same for them (whether it is Gerri, the Carey's or Grandparents, etc).  We try to give back to them but nothing compared to what they do for us.  

Does anyone else feel guilty about this?  I'm always told that if they didn't want to give Paige things, then they wouldn't.  They do it because they love her.  Maybe one day I will stop feeling guilty...or can afford to "payback" in some way! :)

That being said, Paige is defiantly a lucky girl for all the people that truly love her! :)
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