Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend at the Lake!

I took last Thursday and Friday off work and it was wonderful!  Paige and I had a little "staycation" and spend most of our time at the lake.  We woke up first thing on Thursday, had breakfast and headed to meet Mimi at the lake.  We played in the water all day long!  Paige had a ball!  We did the same thing Friday too, each day Paige and I left around 3pm so she could get a good nap in and I was just lazy around the house.  It was perfect!
Saturday, Emily and the boys were in town so we had a lot of company playing at the lake then!  Wes even came out after he finished work around 11.  Everyone (not me!) skied, tubed and just swam all day.  I was even able to talk Jodi and Alyssa to come and play too!  The weather was perfect all did rain a little on Saturday but not much!
You should have seen Wes helping Wyatt ski!  He tried to have Wyatt stand on his feet to ski with him but Wyatt kept falling off.  Next thing we knew, Wyatt was facing Wes holding on for dear life.  I do not know how Wes was able to pull himself up to ski holding a 45 (Wyatt likes to let everyone know he weighs 45 pounds) pound child!  Wes eventually was able to hold Wyatt on his hip and then turn him around and set him on his skis to ski with Wes...all while skiing!  I took a million pictures but they are on Emily's camera.  Needless to say, Wes was tired!!!  We had dinner at the lake and headed home around 9 that night for a quick bath and bed time for Miss Paige!

Sunday Wes cooked our favorite breakfast (eggs, bacon, cheese as a sandwich with toast..yummy!)  After breakfast, we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a birthday present and headed back to the lake.  We had another long fun day at the lake which included a 2nd birthday party for Mr. Matthew! He had a Thomas the Train cake and got lots of new trucks and trains for gifts.  We played a little bit longer and then headed home around 3 for nap time.  Wes had to get a little work done and I had a quiet house to myself!

Once Paige woke up, we just hung out at the house, did a couple things to get ready for the upcoming week and cooked dinner.  Paige has really mastered standing for a short amount of time as well!  It was a wonderful weekend and cant wait for some more fun time this week!

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  1. I like that action shot of her trying to stand up in her bathing suit :)