Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Surfside Beach

Paige and I had a great time at the beach last week but we were so excited to come home to Wesley!  We usually aren't away from each other long, maybe one night once or twice a year and that is it...so a week was very long!  Ok...to the beach vacation recap!
Paige, Mimi and I left on Sunday morning and stopped in Columbia to eat at Rush's and stop by Buy Buy Baby because my pump decided to stop working on me the night before vacation...ugh!  We got back on the road and had a great trip.  I was worried about Paige traveling for 4.5+ hours because she has never been in a car longer that 2.5 hours.  She was a trooper and did great! We arrived at the condo around 5 on Sunday and we unpacked and settled into our rooms.  We are very lucky that Emily has a time share and invited us for the week.  (It was me, Paige, Mimi, Gerri, Gene, Emily, Levi, Matthew and Wyatt).
We went out to eat that night for supper and some hamburger place and then went back to the condo for a swim in the pool.  I don't know about you, but I love pools!!
We woke up Monday morning and the forecast wasn't looking good...monsooning all day long!  So we went down the road to the Fun Warehouse so the kids could play and have some fun.  Paige loved the slide!!

sAfter we played for a while, we went across the street to Chick-fil-A and stayed there for a while until there was a slight break in the weather to get to our cars (that was the story of our lives for three days).  After lunch, it was nap time for Paige and Matthew and when they woke up we went to eat some yummy seafood finally! It was so very good...nothing much better than crab legs!  There were also mermaids swimming in the restaurant too. I don't know who liked them more, Gene or Wyatt :)  Of course we ended the night withe swimming and the hot tub!

All week, we had a lot of fun just playing in the condo...Paige loves watching those wild boys playing!

Since it was still monsooning, we went to the outlets for a little shopping!  Our main stop was going to Stride Rite for some new shoes for Paige and the boys.  I got some new tennis shoes as well.  Then we went to a few more stores and ate at Olive Garden for lunch.  Paige loved it...she ate so many beans from Mimi and Emily's soup!  After lunch, we headed back for nap time again.  Mimi, Emily and the boys went to the beach for about an hour and when Paige woke up, we just went to the pool.  We ate dinner at the house that night and went back to the pool and played at the park.                       
Paige and I were looking forward to Wednesday! Heather and Audrey came to visit and we went to the Aquarium.  It was nice to escape for a little while.  Of course it was raining still so I didn't feel bad about not going to the beach yet.  Audrey was so cute, she loved the Aquarium so much.  Paige was a little out of it from being woken up from a nap and started to liven up towards the end.  They even got their picture taken with a Mermaid!

Afterwards we went to lunch at Margaritaville, being at Broadway on the Beach with Heather really brought back so many wonderful college memories...my how time as changed!  Since the sun was finally coming out, the four of us headed to the beach!!  Everyone else was already there.  We only stayed for about an hour and a half so Heather could get back to Dillon.

Not sure how I managed to not get ONE picture of Audrey and Paige together and the beach...huge fail!  Oh well, we had a great time!  Everyone came back to the condo and we had dinner at the house and of course pool time again and played around the house until bedtime.
We had a big day Thursday, it was the Fourth of July!  We hurried to the beach that morning and stayed about all day.  It was perfect, it wasn't hot at all, such a nice breeze which is rare for July.  The babies played so hard with their Mimi!  I think Paige ate a pound of sand! 
We left so Paige could take a good nap at the house so we could stay up for fireworks.  Everyone else came back around 5.  Levi grilled steaks and we ate supper, showered and headed back to the beach for the firework show.  Paige was getting a little sleepy but she made it for the whole show.  Somehow Matthew feel asleep once they started...not sure how he did!  Poor Paige was ready to get home and had a meltdown on the way back to the condo...she sure did sleep good once she stopped though.

 Another beautiful day so we were going to the beach again!  My cousin Robin came over to visit and went with us to the beach.  I didn't take any pictures with her but we were so glad she came!!  We played on the beach most of the day and then headed to the condo later that afternoon.  Since Levi wasn't there the whole week, we went out for seafood again, which I was glad to do so!
We headed back to the pool and played for a long time that night.  I wish we had a pool at our house, I even told Wes we just needed a two foot pool and I would be happy...not happening!  We played with the boys for a while and I started packing up.  Everyone was staying until Sunday, but Paige and I were leaving Saturday morning so we could spend some time with Wesley and have a day to get back to normal before Monday came along!

We packed up the car and headed back to the Upstate.  I think we left at the same time that everyone else in Myrtle Beach did...ugh the traffic was HORRIBLE.  It took us three hours to go about 45 miles...like I said, horrible.  I was hoping to make it to Columbia before we stopped for lunch, but Paige was starving so I drove until we got out of traffic and we stopped at a Subway for lunch outside of Aynor.  We stretched our legs for a while and then continued our drive.  Luckily the drive was wonderful after that!  We went to Edgefield instead of home because Wes was cooking hash at our friends house.  So that cut off a little of our trip.  It should have taken about 4 hours to get there...it took us SEVEN!  Ugh!  Oh well, we made it there safely and we got to see Wesbo.  I was so excited and so was he.  We stayed there until it was time for Paige to go to sleep and she slept on the way home. 
Photo: Paige hanging out with the boys cooking hash Saturday night. 

I was so glad that we left early, it sure was nice to spend Sunday just the three of us!  We went back to the Carey's to pick up all of Wes's stuff from cooking the hash and rode around on the Kubota for a while before heading home to do the dreaded grocery shopping, unpacking and washing clothes.  Luckily I had a super cute little helper with the clothes...

Photo: Such a big help...I put wet clithes in and she took them out even faster!

We had a great time at the beach and so thankful Emily invited us!  We cant wait to go back next year!  Maybe Wes will be able to sneak away and come a day or two next year :)
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