Monday, December 10, 2012

Crafts, Snacks, Photo Shoots and Babies Too!

 Saturday Paige and loaded up and headed to Heather's house for the day! I am so proud of us because we planned on meeting up once a month with the babies for play dates and we did! This month was at Heather and Audrey's house and Heather had a day full of activities planned! Paige woke up early that morning, so we ate and packed the car and got to their house around 9 I think. Heather made some yummy treats so I enjoyed these with my hot chocolate...
 I honestly can not remember what we did first..I know Audrey was still napping when we got there (of course Paige and Audrey were on opposite when one napped the other was awake!). We made these cute crafts with little footprints.

It really took like all day to get the crafts completed...not really sure why babies make it more difficult haha!  Heather made some chili and cookies for lunch and then the rest of the time we were there we had photo shoots.  So I will share a few of my favorite pictures of the the way, what did we do before pinterest???  First photo shoot was of semi-naked babies on a white sheet with a string of lights underneath and a few ornaments...

Sweet Audrey

Audrey could really care less I was taking pictures...

Is Paige praying??

Love these babies!!!

Holding hands..

One of my favorites...look at their expressions!
The next photo shoot..Paige and Audrey have the same gown so we took pictures of them wearing those :)
I cute are these girls??

Heather was dancing at this point...Paige thought it was funny and Audrey was like..oh mom! :)

Smile Miss Paige!

One of my favorite pictures of Audrey ever!

 Yes..there is more.  We added the lights again!
They look scared!

My favorite!!!

Don't lick the light!


So happy to be finished with the photo shoot!

Sweet girl I apologize for the million pictures!! I tried to only put a few (we have a ton more) but I couldn't pick just a few to share!  We had a great and fun-filled day.  We cant wait for Heather and Audrey to come to Greenwood in January!!  



  1. Stopping by from Mingle the crafts and the baby photo shoot!! I take tons of pics of my little one. We had a Christmas lights photo shoot not too long ago also!! Those sweet little girls are both adorable!

  2. Hey, new follower from the Mingle Monday Blog Hop over at Life of Meg. Cute blog! Those pictures are wonderful as well. I know what you mean about how hard it is to cut down photos you want to share, I always take a ton of photos and it's so hard picking my faves! :)