Monday, December 17, 2012

This weekend I

This weekend I watched the news for a long time Friday.  I am not going to write much on what happened this past Friday because I am just too overwhelmed with everything.  I know the media has to broadcast everything because we need to know, we need to pray for the victims and families, and we need to know how to prepare for our future.  But then I think of those families that lost their babies and loved ones.  If it were me, I would hate to look on the Internet, turn on the computer or read all these blogs.  It would just be too much for me to handle.  It is a lot to handle and I do not have any connections to the community.  So with all that said...keep praying for those families and pray that there will never be another selfish and awful person that feels the need to go into a school ever again!

This weekend I ran errands with my hubby on Friday night.  He had to take equipment from one house he is working on to another one..Sounds like a quick and easy job right?  It took like two hours because they are on opposite ends of the lake!  Then the three of us went to eat some yummy BBQ at Lee's.  It was a great Friday night with two of my favorite people

This weekend I  conquered the no nap nanny with little miss Paige.  Poor baby hates sleeping flat on her back but I knew I had to get her out of Nap Nanny before she started rolling over.  So  I fed her and rocked her until she was sound asleep.  I laid her in her crib and she laid there for about 10 minutes sleeping.  She must have realized she wasn't reclined like she liked because then the screaming started.  I took the monitor in the living room and had some projects (pumping, folding laundry, etc) to do to help me stay distracted from her crying..didn't work.  I know not everyone believes in the cry it out technique.  It is so very hard but it works.  I sat there on the couch crying while listening to the monitor.  Wes thought I was crazy!  He didn't understand why I was crying.  I tried to explain that I felt I was letting her down not going to comfort her and pick her up when she needed us.  So I cried and cried (I texted my mom to tell her and she told me the next day she was almost in tears too!).  Of course she finally wore her self out and passed out.  She slept from 1015 until 5am I believe.  I walked in apologizing to her and she was happy as can be! She ate and fell right back to sleep until 9.

This weekend I took Paige over to her Mimi's house and hung out with Emily and the boys all day. We had a great day playing with the boys and loving on Paige. Then I went with Emily so she could finish shopping while Paige stayed with her Mimi.

This weekend I  put Paige to sleep for the second night.  She cried just as long as the night before but I only cried for maybe 2 or 3 minutes.  Once she wore her self out she slept from 10ish to 745!   By the way Sunday night, she didn't cry one time!  Hopefully the crying it out method worked and we don't have many more tearful nights!

This weekend I  took Paige back over to Mimi's to hang out with all of them for the morning. Wes's grandma is coming to visit for about a week over Christmas and she is wheel chair bound and of course there are steps to get in every door at Mimi's house so Wes had to build a ramp.  Once Wes was finished, the boys absolutely loved it and want to take it back to their house in NC :)

This weekend I headed back home so BB could come visit Miss Paige. She stayed for about an hour maybe. I think Paige had a big weekend because she started getting cranky and basically slept from 4pm until 6 this morning. She of course ate around 430 and then before bedtime. She was exhausted from all the grandma loving I believe...good reason to be tired huh?

This weekend I watched Miss Paige sitting up. She is loving her chair. If you are holding her, she wants to sit up. She gets tired of reclining in swing and nap nanny during the day so she wants to be propped up on the couch so she can look around. Here is a picture of her and her daddy watching a you tube video 

This weekend was a very emotional weekend for several different reasons.  We all have loved on our babies extra hard this weekend and cherished every second!


  1. Awe she is so cute!! I love that picture of her watching YouTube videos with Wes!! She looks like she really concentrating!

    My bf says it's the hardest thing in the world letting your child just "cry it out"! I would have been in tears too!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I just can't help but laugh hard at that last picture every time I see it :)

  3. you guys sound a fun way!! and your pictures are ramp!!
    the school scenes are just too much to eve start to understand...the whole world needs prayers.