Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ahh..Joys of living with a Southern Man

I hate to admit this but I was sitting on the couch last night and looked in the kitchen and saw the tiniest little mouse scoot across the floor and sneak behind something.  I about freaked..I hate mice!! Especially if it is in MY HOUSE!  I always wondered how they get inside someones house? Wes thinks it came in with all my Christmas decorations that were stored in the attic.  Could be but how do mice find there way up to an attic?? Sneaky little creatures!

So my wonderful husband set up some mouse traps in the kitchen because he thinks there are two in the house..yuck.  Then I saw him concentrating on something behind a plant in our living room...yes it was the second mouse.  (Just as a side note, I just got Miss Paige asleep and for some reason she was fighting it so bad last night.  I can usually feed her and lay her in crib and she falls asleep on her own.  Last night, we rocked forever and she finally fell asleep after about 45 minutes).  Anyways...Wes being the southern gentleman country guy that he is, he jumped up and said I'm getting my 22.  Of course I figured that was a gun..but I was thinking a small one maybe?  I thought he was just playing but he actually went to get his gun and laid on the floor aiming at the direction of this tiny mouse.  I was in shock!!
No picture of him but this is the gun!

I said to him..."that will be loud and wake up Paige!!  The mouse trap will work I'm sure!".   You know what he said to me??  He said "Jami you have to get your priorities straight!"  Um what?? I really thought he decided not to do this (I wish I had a picture of him) because who shoots a shot gun in their living room??  I went into the kitchen to wash Paige's bottles and once I wasn't paying attention to him anymore I had a mild heart attack.  Yes, Wes shot the gun in the house!! I think he was so proud of himself.  He jumped up in search of his victim but the sneaky thing got away!  I personally thought it was funny even though I wanted that nasty thing out of my house!  (I went to check on Paige and her arms were stretched out like she jumped in her sleep but never woke up thank goodness!)

You want to hear what is amazing though??  Wes said it was caught in the mouse trap this morning...crazy that we didn't even need the gun right? haha
Oh the things Wes does...always keeps me on my toes!

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