Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crying Baby

If you read my post from Monday you would know that I am doing one of the hardest things I have ever had to do...sounds dramatic I know, oh well!  Paige has been sleeping in the Nap Nanny at night because she hates to sleep flat on her back.  So we strap her in and she is safe and sound.  I have known for a while that she needed to stop sleeping in that because soon she will be rolling over, sitting up, etc.  For safety reasons, she had to learn to sleep flat on her back.
Last Friday we tried it and boy was it tough.  I know not everyone believes in the cry it out method but that is what we are doing.  She cried and cried on Friday night.  I cried and cried too!  I felt like I was letting her down because I didn't rush to comfort her.  (Did anyone ever watch the show Reba?? I felt like Cheyanne sitting by her daughters room crying with her!) I sat on the couch folding clothes, trying to distract myself which didn't work of course.  Wes kept asking me why I was just don't get it I guess.
Miss Paige finally wore her self out and passed out.  She ended up sleeping for like 7 hours.  I was so proud of my baby girl and honestly proud of my self for not going and putting her in her Nap Nanny. 
Saturday night came and I was absolutely dreading it.  I fed her and rocked her and laid her down.  Of course no matter how asleep she is when I rock her she wakes up as soon as I lay her down.  She cried for the same amount of time on Saturday.  I cried too but not as long as I did the night before.
Sunday night, she was passed out with us on the couch and Wes went to lay her in her crib and she didn't make a sound.  She slept wonderfully all night! 
So I was this is working fast!  So I was anxious to see how she did on Monday night.  I fed her and rocked her, laid her down and she was asleep.  She slept for a few minutes and then started whining.  No crying!  The whining lasted maybe 5 minutes as opposed to 20ish Friday and Saturday.  I was so very excited.
Then she woke up around 4 that morning because something happened with the monitor and it started beeping so loud...ugh.  So she was awake.  I got her back to sleep and she slept maybe 15 minutes and screaming again.  I decided to feed her and lay her down.  She was wide awake and finally went back to sleep around 6.  Needless to say yesterday was a long day!
So last night I was exhausted and really hoping Paige was ready to sleep!  Since the past two nights went well with falling asleep in her crib, I was crossing my fingers and my toes! 
Paige was WIDE awake!  She is normally passed out by 10 but not last night.  She finally started to fall asleep around 1130..yuck!
I rocked her and laid her in her crib and she started crying.  She cried for like 15 minutes.  We finally went to sleep around midnight and for some reason she was wide awake at 4:30 but ate and went back to sleep pretty easily.  When Wes went to check on her this morning she was sleeping on her side and seemed so very happy! 

I was spoiled with how well she was sleeping with her Nap Nanny (at least 9 hours at night).  I know we will get back there but man this crying it out method and monitor messing up is really causing this Mama to be so very tired!

I apologize for rambling but I want to document what happens with Paige good or bad. 

Lets hope that tonight will be an easy and early (10pm) night for the Bowling's.  Well for Mama and Paige...Daddy can sleep through anything!

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