Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 Months!!

Dear Miss Paige,
How is it possible that my tiny newborn baby is already 3 months old?? That completely blows my mind.  As I say every monthly update...time please please please slow down just a little?!?

You had your 2 month check up two weeks ago..yes a little late but I believe the Thanksgiving holidays messed that up.  You were such a good baby getting your shots...even the nurse commented on how little you cried.  I was so nervous going in to the appointment.  You cried a little for your first shot and screamed just a second for your other shot.  I was proud of you baby girl.  Then that night I felt so bad for you because you started running a little fever.  I went to CVS to pick up some Tylenol and gave you some that night.  It went down to normal!  Then when you woke up around 3 am the fever was back.  You were a little fussy but could have been worse I guess.  You ate and had some Tylenol and went back to sleep and luckily you were back to normal the next morning..yay!

Since it has been two weeks since you were weighed at the doctor I weighed you on our food scale this morning and you weighed 12 pounds 1 ounce.  You gained about a pound and a half this month!  I didn't see how long you were but I assume about the same from your doctors appointment.  You are still wearing some 0-3 month clothes but mostly 3 months.  I am loving all your cute Christmas clothes you get to wear now too.  You are also still in size 1 diapers...your Daddy made fun of me for buying diapers when I was pregnant with you but I don't think we will have to buy any for  several more months! (or wipes)

Just the other night, you decided you wanted more to eat so now you are getting 6 ounces every 4 hours.  I am still pumping and supplementing with formula.  On a normal day, I supplement about 4 or 5 ounces of formula which I am proud of! haha  You don't wake up anymore to eat either, which is probably why you want more at your other feedings.

Speaking of sleeping, you are doing wonderfully (for now anyways).  You usually take a nap around 7:30 or 8 to about 9:30 and then you take your night bottle.  I lay you down after rocking a few minutes and of course you wake up once I lay you down but you fall asleep on your own within a couple minutes.  Then you sleep until 7 am!  That is 9 hours baby girl!  Sometimes you wake up and cry a little but I give you your paci and you are out before I leave the room.

Can I tell you what a big girl you are?? You have been sleeping in your OWN room all month.  We are so proud of you..and I am proud of my self to be honest!  The only thing is you are still in your nap nanny (strapped in).  I know that's not the best idea but we are working on changing that.  I found a wedge that is a 30 degree incline (and safe for cribs) that goes under the sheet. We are starting that on Friday night and I am not giving up this time.  I tried last Friday but we had an eventful day the following day and I gave up around 1am.  You do NOT like sleeping flat on your back and I honestly don't blame you!  You still take a few naps during the day.  Some days you take several 30 minute naps then others you take a couple hour naps too.  Guess it just depends on your mood!

You are one lucky baby girl Miss Paige.  Gerri comes to your house and keeps you while Mommy and Daddy are at work.  We are so grateful for her.  She loves and spoils you so much.  It makes going to work so much easier knowing that a family member is with you at home.  We owe her big time!

I still fill guilty and HATE that I can not stay home with you.  I keep telling myself I will be able to one day? Hopefully that will work out for us.   Your Mommy and Daddy are trying hard to get caught up and pay off a few things.  The couch and truck will be paid off in a couple months...yay!

Now the fun updates.  You are such a happy baby.  I think my favorite part of the day is when you first wake up and I come into your room.  You have the happiest smile on that sweet face...I love it!  Every time you smile you have to bring your arms close to your face and swing them back and forth...too cute!  You are miss smiley these days.  I can always look at you and say smile and smile at you and 99% of the time you smile back.  But when we get that camera out, the smile usually goes away!

You haven't figured out how to roll over yet but you are close.  You hate laying on your tummy but when you do you are so close to rolling over.  One day soon!  You still like your swing and really like your play mat these days, I think its only because we sit it under the Christmas tree and you can stare at the lights!  You have figured out how to pull on the link on the mat to make music though!

You are still a big stretcher!  It is the cutest thing too!  Every time you lay down on your changing table you just stretch and stretch.  I can tell you may be a Daddy's girl one day too.  Lately every time you hear is voice you just smile and smile.  You still don't want to be with him when you are upset but every other time you love playing with your Daddy.  When you are upset you want to be on my right arm in your spot.  Its crazy..anyone can be holding you and you cry..I just put you in your spot and you stop.  Have to admit, I love it!

You had a few firsts this month: Thanksgiving, photo shoot with your cousins, shots, finding your hands, laughing and sitting in your bumbo seat.  You absolutely love sitting up now that your neck is getting so strong.  If someone is cradling you, you let them know in a heartbeat you want to be sitting up looking all around.  You also love standing up too.  You are one active little girl!

These past three months have been amazing.  I am loving every second and not taking anything for granted.  I love watching how you grow and change every day.  I cant wait to spend Christmas with you.  Your Daddy and I love you so very much Miss Paige!!

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