Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Major Catching Up!

Wow..I haven't been very good at keeping my blog up to date!  This time of year is a little busy to say the least!  We have had a lot going on lately, between work, football, school, birthday parties, and most recently a sick baby!  Her fever got as high as 103. something I cant was high!  We went to the doctor yesterday and she said, well her chest sounds great, throat looks great, and ears look great.  I was like, I promise something is wrong with her.  She has a viral infection so that means no antibiotics can help.  At least she can take cough syrup now and that has been amazing!

I was able to get some sweet cuddle time in the past few days...

We have had a great few weeks, we went to two birthday parties.  One for one of Wes's cousins daughter and then sweet Audrey's birthday!

Paige insisted on sitting in Audrey's new wagon while unwrapping her presents....
We had a photo shoot..two actually!  One in Clemson and the other for her birthday, those pictures to come later!

School started back and Paige moved to the one year old class! Well, the young ones.  She absolutely loves it and I am so thankful for that, except for those days when I picked her up and she cried because she wanted to stay and play...broke my heart! Anyways, she has 6 other babies in her class and they all play so hard!  I was a bad Mama and didn't take a first day of school picture, but her teacher I will have it soon!
Paige is also eating so well these days...she loves corn dogs!! How crazy is that??  She will eat almost the entire thing too!  She also will eat whatever we are having to eat, which makes life so much easier.  She still eats some baby food as long as it is in the squirt container...just don't try to feed her with a spoon!


Her BB and Boompa went to Canada for vacation and she received her very first post card!

Football has finally started!!! What a day was this past Saturday!  Clemson hosted Gameday and it was the best atmosphere and even better game.  We beat UGA and Wes was there to witness it.  He is usually bad luck to bring to games because he pulls against Clemson and his team usually wins...not this time!! Paige stayed at her Mimi's for the day and night with her cousins and played at the lake!

I know this is picture overload but I have one more VERY IMPORTANT update...PAIGE IS WALKING!  She has been trying so hard for a few weeks now and really mastered walking while holding on to your finger...well she doesn't need to hold on now.  She is walking everywhere. She even sorta jogged yesterday.  She loves it and looks so proud walking everywhere.  I have to admit it is very cute but I wouldn't have minded if she waited a couple more months!  Here are a couple videos of her first few steps (she is walking much better now)
I know I have left a lot out but those are some of the highlights from the last few weeks.   I can not believe that I will have a ONE YEAR OLD NEXT FRIDAY!! Oh my goodness...where did this year go??
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