Wednesday, September 11, 2013

That September Day...

While I was driving to work this morning, the Alan Jackson "Where were you" came on the radio.  That song always means a lot to me, but of course even more today.  Then at 8:46 they had a moment of silence on the actually gave me chills!  It was such a scary day 12 years ago, but thinking back I was a little naive about it all...I mean I was only 18 years old!  Now that I am 30 with a child of my own, it scares me to no end that someone could do that to our country.  Even more so because of all the Syria stuff going on.  Just last night Wes and I were talking about the war with Syria and I told him how terrifies me that war could be brought here.  He was like, "our military will not let that happen" which I know is true but then you remember 9-11-01.  Anything is possible right!?

Well, I always like to look at the positive of a situation and there was something good that came from that day.  I can just remember how our nation came together for weeks afterwards.  You didn't see college team flags flying on cars, you saw the American Flag.  No one was bickering about politics or stupid celebrities "twerking" or whatever the in thing was in 2001.  Everyone came together and loved each other!  It really was an amazing thing to witness...I just hate there had to be a horrible disaster for people to care!

So....where were you when you found out?  I can remember September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday.  I was a freshman in college.  I was in my biology lab and working on a project when my biology professor came running in our class saying that NYC was under attack!  Our lab instructor told us that we needed to finish our project but one guy went running out of the class.  His Dad worked at the World Trade Center.  I believe that his father may have died that day, because that guy never came back to class that semester.  We finished our lab and everyone rushed to their dorms.  My roommate Beth was there with the news on glued to the tv.  I don't think we moved the rest of the day, we watched reports ALL day.  We couldn't take our eyes off the tv!!
Clemson of course didn't cancel classes that day, it was the teachers choice, but I think all the teachers cancelled.  That weekend all college football games were cancelled and just about everyone on campus went home to be with their families. What an unreal day that we will never forget!

Where were you?

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