Thursday, September 12, 2013

A year ago...

I think I may be in denial about Paige turning a year old is that even possible.  The past week, all I have been thinking about is how I was feeling those last few days being pregnant.  Besides being absolutely miserable I was so excited.  Everyone kept asking me if I was nervous about having a c-section or having a newborn.  My answer was always no!  It was the mind was set on the c-section.  I knew it would be the safest, best possibility for our situation and I was ready.  I knew I was ready to be Paige's Mama and I couldn't wait any longer...there were no real nerves.  Ok, maybe a few but nothing major.

I took two days off work before Paige was born and really just relaxed.  I had to get some blood work done at the hospital the day before but other than that, I was lazy!  Wes and I just enjoyed a quiet night at home together.  Before I went to bed, I just sat in the glider in the nursery and was so excited about it finally being time.  Now Wes on the other hand was a different story.  He apparently was up ALL night long.  I think that was the first night I was able to get a good night sleep too.  He complained of major heartburn, but I honestly think it was nerves!  He never tells me how he is feeling or anything like that but that was my guess.

My alarm clock went off around 4:30ish and I took a shower and we headed to the hospital.  I think we had to be there at 5:30 for a few tests and observations.  Both our parents came to visit us before I went back for surgery.  That morning was all a little blur but my favorite part was seeing Wes in his scrubs! 

Then around 7:15 it was go time.  I said goodbye to mine and Wes's parents and it was time to get everyone going.  She was born at 7:39 and we were in the recovery room by 8:00.  We had to stay there for a couple hours and I will never forget how Wes was.  He was was the first time he actually told me what he was feeling.  He told me how thankful he was that it was all over because he has been stressing out about the whole procedure.  

Its funny because people always worry about the Mom before birth/c-section but I really think the Dads worry more!  The Moms are just ready!!

So as we get closer and closer to tomorrow, that is what is playing over and over in my head.  Everything that was happening with me and Wes a year ago tonight!

Happy First Birthday to my sweet Paigey!

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