Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Eggs-travaganza

Easter 2014 has already come and gone...I swear this year is really flying by!  Our Easter celebrations started on Wednesday for Paige, she had an Easter Egg hunt and party at her school.  Since some of the kids in her class only go part of the week, her class always has parties two days in a row, so on Thursday, she had another egg hunt and party and I was able to go to that one.
Here are some pictures of Paige and her friends at their egg hunt: 
This one was actually Wednesday before school.

Now for Thursday's party:

Thursday evening, we had yet another Easter Egg hunt at our house.  We invited all the grandparents and Aunt Jojo over.  The night before we dyed Easter Eggs and I actually don't have any pictures of that..not like me!  So for our hunt, we hid those eggs and Mimi hid a lot of plastic eggs in the yard.  Paige loved looking for the eggs everywhere:
                                                                                                                                                         Paige had so many eggs, she had to transfer some over to Mimi's basket...she wasn't so sure she liked that process though
Paige spent Friday morning with her Mimi while I worked and when I came home from lunch, guess what they just got finished doing...another Easter Egg hunt!! Mimi even put blueberries and grapes inside the eggs!   We were finished with Easter Egg hunts for the season...or so we thought....

Can you believe the Easter Bunny left a trail of Easter Eggs for Paige so she could find her basket of goodies?  How fun is that to wake up too?!?

 Since it was just the three of us for Easter this year, we just hung out around the house and spend lots of time together.  We played with all Paige's new goodies and did some yard work and cleaned the boat.  Paige loves helping her Daddy in the yard (I know this wont last long so we have to enjoy it now haha)

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend!

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