Tuesday, April 8, 2014

These moments wont last....

The last few days Paige has had a few rough times where she is super whiny and cranky.  They are awful!  I know the reason behind her being so upset and it is those darn molars that are trying their best to poke through.  Can I tell you how much we hate teething??  Well, last night Paige had a little episode and was crying so but nothing seemed to help.  After a few minutes and a few Cheetos, she was finally better.  The whole time she was upset, I kept thinking, "I can not wait to be finished with teething..."

Do you ever find your self wishing things away or wishing time would go by faster?  Whenever I do this, I always go back to what my Dad always said growing up, "don't wish life away"....or something to that affect.  It is true...I was wishing life away last night, every time I do that I start to feel guilty and try to find the best part of life in this moment and it happened a few minutes later.....

Paige was over her meltdown and we were getting ready for bed, so I took her clothes off in the living room and told her to go get ready for a bath.  Man, did she get excited.  She started squealing and ran off just wearing her diaper and I swear...it was the cutest. thing. ever!  She was so happy and excited.  Why would I wish this away?  If I wish teething away, I am wishing away this age.  I am wishing away having a 18 month old baby running around with no clothes on so happy to take a bath.  I am wishing away the sweet snuggles while she drinks her milk before bedtime.  I am wishing away the cute hug and kiss she insists on giving me as we walk into her school.  I am wishing away the clingy-ness she has started with me.... Why on earth would I wish for time to go by faster?

So now, whenever Paige has a meltdown or in tears over teething, I will wish for the pain to subside or for my happy baby back....not for no more teething.

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