Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just a normal day, right?

Do you ever feel excited when someone feels the same way about something as you do?  Well, I tell people all the time that Paige is so busy and so active and that she NEVER slows down.  I think people think I exaggerate or just don't have anything else to compare her to, so I just think she is super active.  So it is so nice to hear someone comment and agree with me!

Saturday, she had her Easter pictures made and Casey, the photographer, said "wow, she is so busy!"  "she never stops" "I thought my child was busy..." and the best one "I never believed your posts on Facebook about how she never stops..".  I don't know why but it made my feel nice to hear her say those statements.  Not that it changed anything but it was just nice. 

I would never change anything about how busy Paige gives me some great stories and memories, that is for sure!  I love hearing what other people say about Paige and I had to share how BB's day went with Paige the other day.  BB, my mom, keeps Paige on Wednesday afternoons and they play hard and then Paige sleeps for a couple hours, they play some more and then I am home.  So they don't have to get dressed, change clothes, eat, or anything like that.  Well, on Monday, I had to leave for work earlier than normal, so BB came over to wait for Paige to wake up, get her ready for school, take her to school, pick her up, feed her lunch and wait for the babysitter.  Just a normal day right?  I really enjoyed talking to Mom when I got home about their day went and I had to share...

BB got to our house on Monday at 7:15 and Paige woke up around 8.  BB had her toast and fruit ready in her chair and had Disney on the TV.  Once she heard Paige on the monitor, she went to get her out of the crib.  Should be easy, right?  Wrong!  Paige has a new love for jumping and she wanted to jump and play in her crib!  She started this last week but she usually only plays for a minute and then she lets me get her out.  After about 5 minutes of her insisting on playing in her crib, Mom called me and said "how do you get Paige out of bed?"  Finally BB had to just pick Paige up so they could be at school on time.  Fail!  Paige didn't like that decision and had a huge meltdown!  Which led to not really wanting to eat breakfast!  So BB showed her the orange to get her settled down.  She peeled the orange and was just about to separate them and Paige freaked out.  You see, she is very independent and she wanted to separate the pieces!  Finally Paige was happy with her orange that she separated and ate a little breakfast.  

I had already laid out clothes that Paige can wear to school so BB didn't have to worry about that.  Luckily Paige was happy with my decision, she likes to pick between a couple options.  I believe that was all the drama getting ready and it was time for school.  BB was ready to drop her off and Paige had another melt down.  She thought BB was there to play with Paige...not take her to school, poor baby!  They finally had her settled and she was with Mrs Kim ready for school.

I think Mom was ready for work....she already had an eventful morning!  A few hours passed and it was time to pick Paige up.  They were outside on the swings when it was time to go.  Paige LOVES a swing, but not for the obvious reasons.  Yes, she loves to swing, but she really loves to buckle herself in the swing...over...and over...  Mrs Kim had been trying to get Paige out of the swing but she just wasn't ready yet...even with BB there.  Paige was not happy!  Another meltdown for Paige..

I am pretty sure lunch went okay.  Mom picked up The Golden Chick on the way home and Paige loved the bread and ate some chicken.  After lunch, Paige climbed up in her Daddy's recliner with her sippy cup and was rocking.  Apparently she was trying really hard to take the top of the cup and she was successful!  The ice cold water went ALL over her and guess what?? Paige was NOT happy about it at another meltdown for Paige!  BB took her clothes off and tried to get her a change of clothes.  While she was looking for clothes, Paige was steadily pulling clothes our of her dresser and making a mess.  No task is every easy with the best helper around!

Finally Paige was dry and clothed and they walked out of the room and Abbey, the babysitter, was coming in the backdoor which terrified Paige!  One odd thing about Paige, if you don't warn her that someone is coming in a door, she gets freaked out! I don't know how this started and I hate it for her.  She gets so scared and runs to me whenever the door opens, unless I tell her, "Daddy is home, Abbey is here, etc".  BB knew that but they didn't hear Abbey, so Paige couldn't be warned.  So another meltdown.  Paige was clinging to BB and wouldn't let her go.  So BB decided to take her outside to see if she would start playing and get happy.  Finally they got in the swing and Paige was happy as can be and happy with Abbey, so BB was able to go back to work.

BB was only with Paige from 8-8:40ish and then 12-1...look what all happened!  We usually don't have that many meltdowns on a daily basis, but we always have some activity...I think BB slept well Monday night!

Just a normal day, right?
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  1. I have a feeling baby girl will be just like Paige. She's already moving non stop in my belly!!

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