Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Recap


I swear, weekends go by so fast! I wish time could just slow down a little bit.  Friday night when Wes got home from work, we decided to go to Lee's BBQ for supper.  It was really good and Paige loved it too..which is always helpful.  I did have stickers to help entertain her!  Needless to say, we were all covered with princess stickers!  After supper, we went to visit Mimi for a little while.  Mimi brought out these tunnel things and they crawled threw them over and over and over.  It was pretty entertaining to watch Mimi crawling threw the kid sized tunnels!  It was almost bedtime, so we walked back home to get ready for bed.

Saturday, we ate breakfast and hung around the house for a little while. Wes and Jonathan were headed to a gun show in Greenville around 11, so he was home playing with us for a while!  For some reason, when we went outside, Paige was still in her PJs and of course her pink rain boots.  But who really cares right?  We played with the dogs and the water hose!  Then we cleaned up and headed to Paige's spring/Easter pictures at a friend's house.  I cant wait to see if she was able to capture anything worth sharing! HAHA.  Paige was so excited to see and hold those bunnies.  She is a little too good with the bunnies.  We think she thought they were her stuffed animals...she picked them up and toted them around with her!  I'm sure the bunnies were so glad when Paige's session was over with!

After pictures, we met Jodi and Mema at Fatz for lunch.  I used to love Fatz but I was not impressed with it that day for some reason.  I think Mema enjoyed watching Paige!  I thought Paige did well for sitting at the table for a while.  We had crayons and stickers of course!  (Later I found out Mema thought Paige was miserable at lunch...so I'm not sure what happened there haha).  But how cute is this picture....

Photo: Cute cute
After lunch, we headed home to visit with Mrs Thurston and Stephanie for a little while. Stephanie hasn't seen our new house yet, so Paige gave her a tour of everything...well, really she just showed her the "slide" in her closet (One of her closets is over the basement stairs) and she showed her her height chart in her other closet.  That is the extend of Paige's tour...oh, she also showed her Mama's potty! haha.  They stayed over for an hour or so and Stephanie helped Paige water the ferns!  After they went home, Paige took her nap while I cant remember what I did! 

Later that day, we just played outside until Wes and Jonathan came home and we had supper and just spend a lot of time outside while they were target shooting.

Sunday, we went to Wal Mart first thing because Wes needed some gun cleaning supplies and we saw kites!  We bought two because we knew one would tear up!  We headed back home and put one kite together and had a ball flying the kite!   Paige even ran with it a few times, but I think Wes had the most fun with it!  He got it stuck high in a tree, so he got his tractor, Mimi sat in the bucket and he raised her so high to get it out of the tree!  Then it was back to flying the kite!
  It was a perfect day...so windy!  We had lunch at Mimi's with the nice china since Gee is visiting, she loves to use the china!  We played at Mimi's until nap time and then Wes and I decided it was time for a new project.  You know how nice it is to live somewhere you both love and have so many fun projects you can work on?!  Well, it is wonderful!  I will do a post on just the project later but this is how you needed to dress...
LLove my little farmer!  After our project, we spend some time with the neighbors just talking and Paige headed to Mema's with BB and Boompa.  It was another great weekend at home and OUTSIDE.  I just love spring!!

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  1. Funny how Mema changes stories all around these days, isn't it?