Monday, April 28, 2014

Pickin' Strawberries

I took Friday off last week, so Paige and I had a nice long weekend together.  It was very eventful, so I will have three posts on just this weekend! Mimi went to the beach all last week so we knew we would spend Friday we decided to load up and head to Due West for some strawberry pickin'....
We weren't sure how Paige would do, if she would grasps the concept or not...but she loved it!  We each had our own bucket and we went to our starting point and starting picking away.  We showed Paige how to pick the red ones out and put in the bucket, but she didn't want any in her bucket...she wanted them in her belly!  Luckily, we put on play clothes for this event because there was strawberry juice all over her!  I swear she ate 15 strawberries back to back!  She was in heaven.  Then once her belly was fully, she loved picking them to put in her bucket....I think she thought she was Easter Egg hunting haha!

She was having the best time.  We picked and picked and then knew we had to stop!  At the end of the strawberry field, there were a few horses, so we took Paige over there to pet them.  I love them oh so much!  Finally we were able to pay for our strawberries and get a wipe bath in the parking lot before we headed down the road to one of the best restaurants ever....
Grits and Groceries!  Man it is so good.  I got shrimp po'boy, Tommie got crab cake and Paige got french toast with a strawberry and cream cheese mixture on the, was it good.  If you have never heard of this it! They have been in Southern Living and other magazines...SO GOOD!  The owner lives next door and invited us to take Paige over to see their baby pig Daisy.  Paige loved her so much!
We were also able to take her to see some goats too...I think these were her favorite because they were so curious about her! 
 It was getting close to nap time, so we headed back home.  The rest of the day, we just stayed home and played outside.  We also found out that one of her sippy cups has a she loved wearing it of course 
 Next post about our weekend coming up...a play date with Audrey at The Children's Museum!

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